Radioactive Liar, Toxically Unemployable

Anthony “Tony” Ortega Jr.

In a previous article we delved into the height of Tony Ortega’s ‘journalistic’ career, back when he was reviewing children’s movies with strippers. We say height of his career, because even as his offensively tacky stunt almost certainly represented a low point in the history of media criticism, the vast majority of Ortega’s subsequent writing over the years would set the bar even lower. 

We’re all well aware of Tony Ortega’s history as the fabricator of fake news and fraudulent scandals. We’ve seen him perpetuate large scale hoaxes, intentionally lying to his readership in a front-page piece of fiction which he falsely portrayed as a straight news story about imaged historic graves containing the remains of Confederate soldiers “discovered” at the site of a local construction project.

Ortega even went so far as to falsify quotes from nonexistent government officials claiming the City was in conspiracy to keep the whole affair from the public. All of it, as so much of what Ortega says, was nothing short of a bald-face lie. 

The whole scandal prompted one commenter on the webpage of tabloid then employing Ortega to write:

“Tony Ortega has single-handedly ruined the Pitch’s journalistic integrity with his story ‘Rebel Hell’s (June 23). Why would anyone believe anything else that the Pitch publishes from now on?”

Not only had Tony Ortega ruined whatever ‘journalistic integrity’ he may have once had, even associating with him was proving enough to torpedo the credibility of all who worked there and damage the reputation of any organization foolhardy enough to have him on their payroll. 

Is it any wonder then that Tony Ortega has become so toxically unemployable throughout the newsprint industry these days?

Does any of this come as a surprise, even remotely? The answer is a resounding no. Tony Ortega is, after all, a man who lives and breathes ‘fake news’. 

Reputable news outlets want nothing to do with him. 

‘Alt news’ weeklies given away for free want nothing to do with him. 

Even the tawdriest of supermarket tabloids which have built their business models off of peddling invented stories want nothing to do with him. And there is absolutely no question in anyone’s mind as to why. 

Amid all of the lies, mendacity and untruths indelibly staining Tony Ortega’s career as a self-described ‘journalist’ one true fact remains unassailable – his reputation as a radioactive liar is well earned.  

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