Tony Ortega’s Reddit Q & A

Last year, Tony Ortega, in desperate need of generating some interest in his ‘well past its sell-by date’ career, took to Reddit (the self-styled ‘front page of the internet’) for a Q & A session.

Though the questions asked by the users of site generated no shortage of half-truths, un-truths and full scale lies, what interested us the most was the telling answer Tony Ortega gave to user UncannyCannabinoid who asked him what it is was about Scientology that caused him to dedicate so much energy to, and whether he had personal connection to it.

Tony explained:

“…What has kept me interested is to watch how much is changing with Scientology. I’ve had a front-row seat for a fascinating story about a harmful organization going through big changes, and I enjoy covering it as a beat, as another reporter would cover Congress, for example, or the mafia.

Really? The mafia? Tony Ortega’s delusions know no bounds! The fact of the matter is Tony Ortega has always been a bully looking for a pulpit. His journalism, when not based on the outright fabrications of his sick imagination (Read: The Developer of False Leads story here) has tended to be of a sort to search out big targets and smear them in story after story then stand back and claim moral victory for being the little guy taking on the big institutions no one else could ever be bold enough to confront. Maybe that’s why he insists on likening himself to a modern day Elliot Ness. We can say this much for him, so far Ortega’s exposé work as been about as underwhelming as Al Capones vaults!

Tony concludes his answer to the question by saying:

“…I’m really having fun investigating this subject and writing stories about it, and I’ve developed a large and very loyal audience. So, I don’t really see much incentive to stop now.”

Hmm… The ratings of his last appearance on Remini’s A&E show might suggest something other than his having “developed a large and loyal audience”. And as for ‘incentive to stop now’, how about growing up and setting aside the fairytale idea that he is some junior G-man who alone can tackle the mob? We’ve all seen those re-run movies on late night cable played to a half dozen stoners and a handful of insomniacs. They pull ratings almost as bad as Ortega’s.

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