Remember the Facts About Tony Ortega

Reading Tony Ortega’s blog it’s an ugly and grueling work to sift through so much hate. But as we like to say around the office, ‘we do it so that our readers don’t have to.’

One of the first things you notice dealing with the hazardous materials of Tony Ortega’s warped take on the world is his limited ideological viewpoint on religion. Like his latest wife, Arielle Silverstein, Tony Ortega is a self-confessed rabid atheist.

This fact alone should be enough to alert fair minded readers of his glaring bias and radical agenda against all who hold to faith of any kind. Blindly pursuing a path of negatively critiquing what he doesn’t understand, Tony Ortega effectively backs himself into an ideological corner and by doing so he clearly demonstrates he is more interested in cultivating the tired, cliché characteristics of an online troll than he is in saying anything remotely meaningful.

We can point to the countless times Tony Ortega has said verifiably false and misleading things. We can link to his inane conspiracy-style stories he tries so hard to peddle to his uninformed readers or tabloids that give his a soap box. We can shine a light under the rock beneath which he hides and expose Tony Ortega for the sad, empty failure that he is. But the fact remains, deep down even Tony Ortega understands that he is nothing but a blogger obsessed with Scientology every time he looks in the mirror.

Maybe it’s this awareness that has turned him into such a vile troll who lashes out with his sneering atheism to cause as much damage to the reputations of good people as he can through his scorched earth approach to dialoguing with those who refuse to share his dark and hopeless ideas.

Indeed, in recent years, he simply runs his propagandistic assertions as ‘crusades’ – dismissing all contrary evidence as “shilling”, or “being an apologist”, or accusing those who provide actual evidence contradicting him as “plants”.

It’s wise to remember these facts about Tony Ortega, if only to remind yourself not to swallow whatever poisonous lie that might next drip from his pen should you be unlucky enough to encounter his hateful rhetoric in the wild.

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