Remini, Rinder, Ortega & Haggis: Birds of a Feather

Yesterday we revisited the ongoing rape suit of Paul Haggis, making mention of the fact that his cheering squad, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, would be unable to offer any excuses on his behalf as they attempted to do when the first few women began coming forward with horrifying tales of being sexually attacked.

At the start of this year Remini and Rinder sprang to Haggis’s defense with a fawning appeal for sympathy for the alleged rapist. Ignoring the credible claims of these women in defending their alleged attacker, Remini and Rinder made every attempt to change the narrative of the story into a sort of cheap conspiracy thriller better suited to airport bookstores by trying to convince the public these chargers weren’t made because the crime of rape had been committed, rather that these charges were made solely because of Scientology.

It would be a laughable attempt to deflect from the allegations if the case weren’t so serious. Indeed, one of Paul Haggis’s alleged rape victims blew up this shabby defense almost as soon as Remini and company offered it up.

The victim stated in a open letter published in the Hollywood reporter:

I have no connection to Scientology or its practitioners. For those people—including actress Leah Remini—who have stated publicly that all of Haggis’ accusers are part of a Scientology conspiracy, shame on you. Isn’t now the time to be listening to your sisters? Such baseless statements attempt to silence all of us and the entire #MeToo movement.”

It’s a new low for Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, whose tv show is itself a spectacle of propaganda and twisted logic. Repeatedly, sources used in the show have made claims of fraudulent behavior, being taken out of context, and outright being lied to. But apparently even this wasn’t low enough for Remini and Rinder, who’ve now taken to defending someone accused of multiple rapes.

Like Tony Ortega, Remini and Rinder seek to earn a dollar off the backs of their victims without regard for justice, decency, or professional ethical guidelines. It’s no wonder they have been so quick to rush to Paul Haggis’s defense.

They are birds of a feather – those who would use and abuse and when caught in the act, play the victim card. Unfortunately for them, it would seem the truth behind these claims may have stacked the deck against them this time around. Time will tell.

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