Reviews of Tony’s Latest Tweet Are In – ‘Ugh!’

If you are like most people in America you probably don’t read read Tony Ortega. His fifteen minutes of fame ended sometime shortly before he was summarily fired from his infamous Chief Propagandist for That doesn’t seem to stop him, however, from his increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant.

Every once in a while we’ll check in on Ortega’s Twitter feed just to see what’s on the mind of the self-described ‘authority on all things Scientology’. This time, the level of his discourse on display in his Fourth of July tweet just about says all that needs to be said about Ortega’s profound so-called ‘insights’ into the subject.

While it’s generally accepted internet etiquette to not “feed the trolls”, we can’t help but agree with Twitter user Wayne Rebel’s response to the inane childishness of Ortega’s cheap attempt at wit— ‘Ugh!

To be fair, given his shoddy ‘journalistic’ track record, ‘ugh!’ is probably more praise than Tony deserves. That said, Ortega must be positively giddy to discover he has 70 people reading him. After all, that’s almost 70 more people than bought his book!

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