Rottenest To The Core

It seems strange now to think there was ever a time when Tony Ortega wasn’t cowardly hiding in his basement, refusing to breathe a word about his love for Backpage. Only a few short years ago, you practically couldn’t get him to shut up on the subject.

Tony Ortega would often use words like “freedom”, “smart” and “brave” to laud the Backpage business empire he was once employed by. 

These days when Backpage gets mentioned the words you hear are more likely to be, “slavery”, “sex trafficking” and “underage”. This was clearly the case in a story last Tuesday out of Raleigh, North Carolina regarding a man sentenced to five terms of life in prison for human trafficking of women and children that a prosecutor referred to as nothing short of “modern-day slavery.” 

Brandon Marquis Jennings was convicted of 13 counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion, sex trafficking of a minor and production of child pornography after a four-day trial a release from the Department of Justice stated.

As U.S. Attorney Robert J. Higdon said in a news release immediately following the sentencing:

Today Brandon Jennings received a sentence he richly deserved… He was convicted of crimes we call human trafficking — that is, exploiting a person for labor, service or commercial sex. But, in reality, Jennings was running a form of modern-day slavery,”

We’ve mentioned this before but it continues to unnerve us to realize just how much the pimps and perverts who exploited Backpage seem to have in common with the thugs and heavies who attacked those of us who have tried to shine a light on what was going on with their sex selling platform.

Listen to the words of U.S. Attorney Higdon as he describes the Backpage pimp in question:

“He ruthlessly manipulated, threatened, and violently assaulted his victims to ensure they would continue prostituting for him… [He] identified vulnerable victims… He convinced them to prostitute themselves. He left them no way out.”

It has many of us here wondering if the paid attack dogs like Tony Ortega weren’t chosen for their roles in the Backpage organization based on their level of comfort with rampant corruption and fear-based coercion.

That wouldn’t surprise us in the least. 

After all, of all the rotten fruit produced by the Backpage “crime family” tree, in our eyes Tony Ortega will always be the all-time blue ribbon winner of “rottenest to the core”.

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