Salting the Earth with Lies and Untruth

Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega

When James Larkin and Michael Lacey, the pimp runners of the Village Voice Media, finally shoved their prostitution propagandist-in-chief Tony Ortega over the side of their sinking garbage barge in the most dishonorable discharge that rag of paper had ever seen, the cheers of a grateful nation were almost deafening. We, along with many literate Americans, believed we had seen the last him. After all, this was Tony Ortega’s umpteenth unceremonious firing. Surely we’d all put through enough. The end of this collective nightmare was finally in sight. Right?


Tony Ortega was soon to wash back ashore and take up a new residence at a ‘shock and schlock’ blog called The Raw Story. (Think warmed-over “progressive” copycat of the Drudge Report for mouth-breathing gossip hounds and you’ll not be far off.)

Tony Ortega billed himself “Executive Editor,” which seemed more than fitting, given his history of rampant character assassination.   In a career chiefly distinguished by deliberate hoaxes, agenda-driven false narratives and outright journalistic fraud, it was arguably his role as the bald-faced defender of the Village Voice’s Backpage, (examined here on this blog at some length) that was to be his lowest low.

Of course, the mere fact we feel compelled to say that defending child sex trafficking is ‘arguably’ Tony Ortega’s apogee should tell you right there everything you need to know about this shameless hack.

There are so many low points it becomes hard to keep them all straight. But then, maybe that’s the point. Tony Ortega has long tried to make a name for himself selling hysterical lies and sowing chaos. That’s his brand and it always has been.

Speaking of has-beens… Tony Ortega and the latest among his collection of ex-wives, Arielle Silverstein, flatter themselves by thinking they are prolific online posters. With all the hate-filled intolerance they’ve been shoveling we’re almost inclined to agree with them on that point. Quite achievement for such an otherwise unremarkable pair of bigoted hucksters.

The simple fact of the matter is, Tony Ortega has been salting the fields with falsified tales and mistruths about people they disagree with for so long it’s no wonder everything professionally connected to him dies.

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