“Scoop” Ortega the Hatchet Job boy

Hatchet jobs is something Tony Ortega learned at a young age. When he was the editor of the High School paper he liked to be called “Scoop”, but they should have called him “Hatchet” which is more fitting to his personality and style of blogging.

Here is a letter to the Editor written by an upset Savanna High School student.


Letters to the Editor: Student Denounces, as Parents Support Everett Article

Dear Editor;

“Scoop” Ortega calls it “Big News,” when referring to trying to get rid of a football coach. He thinks it is fun. He feels his newspaper is better with articles such as the one in the Friday, December 5, 1980 issue of The Dispatch. The entire writeup was nothing but a hatchet job on Jim Everett, our football coach. It has to do with the football teams’ 1-9 season effort this year and last year. You want to know who played in those games. The team members played. Not the parents. Not the coach. Not the newspaper writers. Gary Kuhn supposedly wrote the articles. But he did not. How are we to know who writes the articles in the Savanna paper? Is it the students’ parents? A high school paper should, even if it is not any good, at least be honest. …. ” [The Dispatch Volume 19, #4: January 30, 1981]

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