“Sex On the Breach”

We’ve getting lots of positive responses on the recent articles we’ve published exposing Tony Ortega’s the various false stories and hoaxes he’s attempted to perpetrate over the years. But it’s not just great feedback we’ve been getting in the wake of these stories, we’ve also been getting some great tips about other examples of Tony Ortega being his creepy, manipulative self.

Take this example from a reader, who reminded of the time when no less an authority than Kansas State Representative Mary Pilcher Cook wrote a letter to the editor of the Pitch, excoriating the paper for including a piece written by Tony Ortega called “Great White Feather”.

In her complaint the State rep. correctly identified a key trait of Tony Ortega’s, one which would make national headlines in when he assumed his role as the propagandist in chief of the Backpage Sex Trafficking syndicate.

Titling her letter, “Sex on the breach” she writes of Tony’s blatant sex offender apology:

In Tony Ortega’s “Great White Feather” (Kansas City Strip, August 4), it is clear the author has an interest in protecting sex offenders.

The author personally attacks Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline and ignores the fact that there are numerous predatory males who think nothing of manipulating young girls to use for sex. We need to stop these men from violating our young women.

It is a tragedy when there are those that want to ignore these abuses and look the other way, which, in effect, promotes this type of criminal activity. I am thankful we have an attorney general like Phill Kline who is genuinely interested in the humanity and welfare of our children.

– State Rep. Mary Pilcher Cook

Of course, giving cover in the press to CEO pimps who “think nothing of manipulating young girls to use for sex” would become Tony Ortega’s chief preoccupation in the years to come. Indeed, it would become his main source of income!

But those of us familiar with Tony Ortega’s dirty tricks, fakes, and outright bullying long saw this coming.

And we believe it is high time more elected officials like Mary Pilcher Cook took similarly brave stances to speak out and publicly oppose “predators” like Tony Ortega.

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