Sickening Cycle of Propaganda

These days you don’t have to look very hard to find propaganda being spread with the goal of inciting intolerance and violence.

Indeed, much of the violence perpetrated against Scientology can be sourced directed back to biased ‘big name’ propagandists such as Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney and their bigoted books and films. Like clockwork, this garbage trickles down and gets picked up by opportunists looking to cash in and make a quick buck; people readers of this blog will be only too familiar with like Tony Ortega, Leah Remini, and others. As their message of hate multiplies via social media, so too does the potential for absolutely catastrophic results.

Take for example the case of Erin McMurtry, who drove her car through the front door of the Church of Scientology of Austin, Texas, narrowly missing two people before coming to a stop in the infant nursery. The attacker threw her car in reverse, gave an obscene gesture, and roared off.

When arrested and charged that same night and police advised her that she had driven into the nursery but no one was injured, she replied, “That’s too bad.”

Where does this mentality come from? As it turns out, we have one particularly damning clue. Shortly before her decision to turn her vehicle into a rolling weapon of destruction, McMurtry had watched the Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright HBO documentary on Scientology.

Additionally, McMurty interacted with both Leah Remini and Tony Ortega, calling the former, “a true inspiration while gushing her thanks to the latter “for speaking up”.

Following McMurtry’s assault, Ortega posted on his weblog: “Car turns Austin Scientology org into a drive-in… Anyway, anyone know where Larry Wright was last night?”

This is nothing short of sickening cycle of propaganda, wherein people like Remini and Ortega light the fuse and stand back to wait for their army of extremists to act on the seeds of hate they’ve planted in their minds.

It is a matter of public record that Ortega has expressed his desire for Scientology is that one of his extremist followers “burns it to the ground.” And so far he’s given every indication he won’t stop the hate until inspiring others to turn his violent rhetoric into action.

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