Arielle Silverstein Wants You To Know She Loves Her Valium

Psychiatry – Good or Bad? Psychiatry good!!! I love my valium. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

It’s rare that you get someone as off-base as Arielle Silverstein to come clean and admit what’s truly behind so many of the many of manic outbursts we’ve been seeing from her, but here it is. In one simple posting she gives away the entire game — “I love my valium”.

The DEA organizes drugs into groups called “drug schedules” which are based on risk of abuse or harm. The government officially recognizes Valium (diazepam) as schedule IV for the inherent risk of abuse and addiction or dependency development it carries with it.

Because of the many dangers taking a powerful mind-altering drug like Valium presents many doctors across the country are wary of its over-prescription. This fact, however, doesn’t seem to deter Arielle Silverstein given the numerous occasions she references her love for the addictive substance. She really can’t seem to get enough of her diazepam!

Interestingly, looking into the side effects regular use of this restricted Schedule IV drug has, more than a few pieces of the puzzle surrounding Silverstein’s truly odd behavior seem to fall into place. Drug abuse websites list a number of telling side-effects for users of this drug including: depressed mood, thoughts of suicide, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks, hyperactivity, agitation, aggression, hostility and unusual risk-taking behavior.

If all of that sounds to you a lot like Arielle Silverstein, you are not alone. To us, reading that list felt like reading a comprehensive rundown of Silverstein’s personality. Frightening!

Indeed, the The Daily Mail warns that Valium is “more addictive than heroin,” telling the story of a woman who was prescribed the drug to cope with the depression from the end of her marriage. That was the start of a 10-year habit that almost cost her her life.

In the end, Arielle Silverstein’s drug habit (much like her vile hate speech online) is yet another indicator of just seriously unbalanced she is.

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