Silverstein’s Mysterious Real Estate Purchases

Recently we explained how Tony Ortega has jumped from wife to wife eventually landing on his third and most recent, Arielle Silverstein.

We will be taking a more in-depth look at her this week, but we felt it might be helpful to offer a quick overview first.

Arielle Silverstein (aka Arielle Silberstein) is an attorney who, it should be noted, is unlicensed to practice in the United States. Were you to ask her what she does for work, she will tell you she works for the Ethics Office of the United Nations in New York City. A staggering irony of ironies.

It has long been understood that Silverstein has been a source for Tony Ortega for many years, dating back to when Ortega still had a job at the Village Voice. Some have even suggested that she was feeding him tips in her official capacity as UN employee.

Among the many lingering questions surrounding Silverstein, one of particular interest is, while she is not a member of the U.S. Bar Association, she remains a member in good standing of the Israeli Bar Association working under the alias Arielle Silberstein.

Even more suspiciously, according to public records Silverstein (and/or Silberstein) as netted more than 2 million dollars off of mysterious real estate investments both in Israel and the United States.


Considering that Silverstein is already supporting a deadbeat husband and two children open questions surrounding her ability to afford so many properties on her ‘Office of Ethics’ salary abound.

Many are beginning to wonder aloud if it is a tax scam? Perhaps it’s high time for a thorough investigation?

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