Something strange is going on with Tony Ortega

You can see it even in his “reporting” at his blog – more and more guest pieces, fewer original posts. Getting more and more nattery and bitter about Scientology beliefs (at least, his understanding of them) without any hope of reporting any kind of substantive, reality-based stories.

Maybe he’s given up? Maybe he’s distracted by the legal fall out caused by the explosion of his pet project sex-trafficking setup over at Backpage? Or maybe he’s begging tv producers up and down both coasts to please, please, please put him on TV. He is the self-described expert witness on all things related to Scientology after all…

Ironically, Tony Ortega may soon come to regret presenting himself as an “expert witness”.  It is worth remembering that he, as former editor for the Village Voice, was embroiled in defending – that’s where his paycheck came from.

The power the federal government wields is far and wide. And with one conviction in the bag so far, it won’t come as much surprise should others shortly follow. If federal prosecutors can prove Backstage et al were part of a criminal conspiracy then their senior members, including Tony Ortega, would have cause for great concern indeed. Could this be the end of Tony Ortega?

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