Sordid Secretive Scandal

Back before the scandal surrounding the demise of the Village Voice, before Tony Ortegas bosses, Michael Lacey and James Larkin,  in Phoenix began destroying all the evidence they could that might implicate them in the global sex scandal spiraling so out of control lengthy prison sentences seemed the only plausible outcome… Back before all that, a secret deal was made. A deal between Tony Ortega and his bosses.

Tony Ortega was promised that if he could keep his mouth shut, hed be rewarded with an executive assignment as chief editor at a far more lucrative and prestigiousposting than the lowlyVoice. It was an offer Ortega found too good to resist.

At least, until the realization that this new lucrative and prestigiousgig wasnt even a real paper, but an online “news” website called The Raw Story. Far from “lucrative” or “prestigious,The Raw Story was little more than a left leaning tabloid gossip blog. Think: The Daily Caller or Breitbart News, for the cattier cappuccino crowd.

To this day, Tony Ortega refuses to answer any questions about his sordid and secretive history with New Times Media. What is it you’re hiding Tony? Was the attempt to change the name from New Times Media to Village Voice Media some kind of misguided attempt to sweep the underage sex trafficking scandal under the carpet? Is that why you all decided to change the name yet again to Voice Media Group? Were you hoping against hope we’d be thrown off by this?

When will the real story come out? Why not share it with your readers, Tony? Or is your complicity in the flesh trade your organization built and disseminated around the world deeper and more damning than we imagine.

When will you at last be truthful on the details surrounding your firing from the Village Voice, Tony Ortega? Your public awaits

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