Stop Hate on Twitter: Take Action!

Over the weekend the tech website Gizmodo ran a story shedding a little more light on exactly how Twitter May Be Demoting Controversial Accounts in Search Results explaining:

Overwhelmingly, the responses were a call to remove bad-faith actors, dangerous conspiracists, and outright white supremacists and neo-Nazis. It’s unclear if this tweak to the platform is in response to that feedback, given that enabling such groups has been a consistent criticism of Twitter for several years.

We take this a heartening step in the right direction. It seems we are finally building toward a critic mass resulting in Twitter’s new willingness to confront those who abuse its platform. People like Tony Ortega, Jeffery Augustine, Karen de la Carriere, and failing tv show B-list host Leah Remini who has been cheating Twitter’s Terms of Service, have for too long been given a free pass.

In light of this, we felt it would be an appropriate time to make a public service announcement to let our readers know how we can take a stand together. We would urge you to take a moment to stand up against those like Ortega who flagrantly spout their hate speech on Twitter.

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