Subpoenaing Tony Ortega

It all happened back when Ortega found himself subpoenaed to testify after he attempted to smear a man named Bruce McMahan in a hit-piece story for the Village Voice entitled “Memo to Bruce McMahan”. In classic Tony Ortega style, the ‘story’ was replete with half-truths, manufactured stories and outright lies. It was this ham-fisted attempt at written defamation which found him once more embroiled in another ethics scandal, the kind which seem to follow him around like flies after a garbage truck.

Watching Tony Ortega under oath, with the threat of perjury hanging over his head, is an uncomfortable sight to behold. Firsthand reports of the event tell a tale of Tony popping off in one of his ‘fake tough guy’ rants, insisting that Bruce McMahan had no right to defend himself against Ortega’s lies.

Meanwhile, as Editor in Chief of the Voice, Tony Ortega kept his underlings busy spamming the internet with copy/paste reprints of the bogus piece desperate to distract and make the story about one of censorship against a brave defender — in this case, ridiculously, Tony Ortega himself. If this is starting to sound familiar, it may be because it’s same shady approach he took while defending Backpage. (For someone who considers himself a ‘professional’, Tony Ortega certainly seems to be a one-trick pony!)

As if this weren’t enough, Tony Ortega’s minions then began sending threatening emails filled with taunts and insults to McMahan’s children and grandchildren after at least one blogger reprinted their email addresses. In Internet parlance this highly unethical practice is known as ‘doxxing’ and it remains a favored tactic among cyber bullies and impotent basement trolls.

For Tony Ortega, being both a bully and a troll, playing the victim card even while an active propaganda/harassment campaign was being waged against his target wasn’t just the easy choice, it was his only choice — because it’s all he knows how to do. Like a terrified animal boxed in a cornered, there’s nothing he won’t do to save his own skin.

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