Support For Tony Ortega Is Support for Hate and Sexual Exploitation, Period

Last year we’ve shared with our readers a truly staggering amount of evidence, much of which directly exposes who Tony Ortega is and the kind of propagandistic work he has dedicated his life to.

From engaging in deceitful online ad hominem attacks against religious people from all walks of life, to his disgusting support for the pimps and human sex traffickers over at the Backpage, there is no mistaking the fact that Tony Ortega is about as low as it gets when it comes self-described ‘opinion writers’.

As poisonous and hateful as Tony Ortega is however there is something even more frightening, and quite possibly even more dangerous — his cheering followers. The fact of the matter is the mindless drones who dutifully follow Ortega’s every tweet and unhinged blog post rant are the very people responsible for keeping him going.

Indeed, by turning a blind eye to the lies and deceits Ortega was manufacturing in order to keep the Backpage child sex trafficking operation going, these individuals have both directly and indirectly aided and abetted the same criminals Tony Ortega has.

In supporting a backpage apologist, Ortega’s fanboys have given their explicit endorsement of the victimization of women and young girls. To put it bluntly, supporting Ortega on any of his media channels is the equivalent to supporting child prostitution. There is simply no way to understate this alarming reality.

Does anyone believe that if Tony Ortega were to suddenly take to Twitter, decrying those who take public stands against racial inequality as ‘hysterical moralizers’ even as he was offering a supposed defense of hate groups like the KKK, he would be popular? No way! He would be de-platformed, shunned, and made into an Internet pariah overnight!

Perhaps this is something we should all consider. If Tony Ortega insists on being an advocate of the systemic abuse of women and girls, if he wants to make a name for himself as the king of online hate speech, we should all begin treating him like that. 

And the same goes for any and all who would support or help amplify his discriminatory rhetoric of sexually abusive exploitation and intolerance, period.

As the year draws to a close let’s set for ourselves a new goal to make any supporter of Backpage, Tony Ortega, or any member of Ortega’s inner circle of hate as unpopular and unwelcome as the Klu Klux Klan.

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