Arielle Silverstein: Hiding Hate In Plain Sight

Religion can be a very sensitive subject. A study finds even talking about this potentially controversial topic can bring out the worst in social media users — a fact which Tony Ortega and his wife, Arielle Silverstein, have demonstrated.

Ortega and Silverstein go out of their way to flood social media with false stories

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Arielle Silverstein A Shameful Sugar Mama

For years, Arielle Silverstein’s United Nations salary has supported not only the vengeful campaigns of vilification we’ve been examining on this blog but those of her husband, the chronically unemployed blogger, Tony Ortega. And just like his other half, readers of this blog know Tony Ortega is driven by bigotry and hate.

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Untouchably Anonymous

We’ve been looking at Arielle Silverstein’s participation in various hate campaigns like the execrable “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” she helped organize against people of the Islamic faith. We feel it’s important to point out, however, that these bigoted stunts of hers are by no means random isolated occurrences. They point to

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The “Honorary” Cyber-Terrorist

Tony Ortega’s connections with the cyber-terrorist outfit Anonymous have been widely observed. There have been numerous attacks made by the group for which Tony Ortega has had nothing most effusive praise.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the more vile attacks and consider Tony Ortega’s response.

Dressed only

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