Trial By Blog

Has anyone noticed how Tony Ortega is the lickspittle lackey in the high ranks of the anti-religion community?

Ortega hushes up the real facts in an artificial fog and no holds are barred when it comes to spread lies.

Being Ortega a blogger for hire he would oblige by publishing anything his sponsors

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Does Tony Ortega Like To Make Christians Look Bad In Public?

As we’ve been looking back at the public’s review of Tony Ortega’s biased work during his brief stint as a tabloid writer for an alt rag in Kansas a recurring theme seems to pop up again and again. One reader named Stephen M. Schaefer summed it up best way back in the spring

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Untouchably Anonymous

We’ve been looking at Arielle Silverstein’s participation in various hate campaigns like the execrable “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” she helped organize against people of the Islamic faith. We feel it’s important to point out, however, that these bigoted stunts of hers are by no means random isolated occurrences. They point to

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Arielle Silverstein’s Vile Retribution: Part II

In Part I we began our look into the the inside story behind Arielle Silverstein’s plot to exact her ‘revenge’ on Peter Gallo, the investigator who blew the whistle on a brewing sex-trafficking scandal involving multiple UN peacekeepers in Africa.

The United Nations’ MEU (Management Evaluation Unit) plays an important role in the UN “justice”

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Arielle Silverstein: Puerile & Petty

Arielle Silverstein has what some might call ‘selective honesty syndrome’, that is to say for all her vast and vocal lies there are a surprising number of admissions she makes which, if she weren’t as narcissistic as her egotistical deadbeat husband, Tony Ortega, she’d probably realize it would be better to shut up about.


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