A History of Exploitative Lies

In a recent article we examined Tony Ortega’s checkered history of phony #PayAttentionToME journalism. We mentioned in that piece Tony’s penchant for utilizing purposefully misleading ‘clickbait’ tactics in which sensationalized versions of stories are crafted in order to trick readers so as to increase traffic.

Today yet another example of Tony Ortega’s fabricating gross denationalization

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Tony Ortega’s Undercooked Arguments

By the time James Larkin and Michael Lacey, the infamous child pimp runners of the Village Voice, finally kicked Tony Ortega to the curb it was already too late. The damage had been done and the bulk of their crimes were soon become a matter of public record.

One might be tempted to

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Subpoenaing Tony Ortega

It all happened back when Ortega found himself subpoenaed to testify after he attempted to smear a man named Bruce McMahan in a hit-piece story for the Village Voice entitled “Memo to Bruce McMahan”. In classic Tony Ortega style, the ‘story’ was replete with half-truths, manufactured stories and outright lies. It was this ham-fisted attempt

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“Congress hauled in Craigslist on September 15, 2010. There, feminists, religious zealots, the well-intentioned, law enforcement, and social-service bureaucrats pilloried the online classified business for peddling “100,000 to 300,000” underage prostitutes annually. Those same numbers had already inspired terrified politicians, who let loose hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade to prohibitionists bent

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The Convictions Begin

We have said from the beginning that many convictions would result from the criminal enterprise once known as Backpage.

This week we witness the start of that justice.

On April 10, 2019, one man from Claymont, Delaware and two from Wilmington were convicted of trafficking minors for sex via Backpage.com throughout Pennsylvania

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Pimp Facilitator Unsurprising Predictability

Sometimes people surprise you. You can know someone your whole lifetime and still learn new and fascinating aspects of their personality. This certainly not the case with a guy like Tony Ortega.

For as long as we have been covering him we feel we can honestly say the only thing surprising about him

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Why Tabloids Quote Tony Ortega?

Dealing with hate mongers like Tony Ortega honest questions are hard to come by but we want to start today by trying one out, so honest question: Why do tabloids seem so keen to quote Tony Ortega?

Ask any seasoned reporter and they will tell you that tabloids are so lazy they don’t bother to

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained Part II

We set out yesterday to layout and explain the impending seismic impact of the latest spate of cases to hit federal courts this week with regard to the slow-moving train wreck that has been the Backpage.

Today we continue to unpack the ramifications in order to give our readers a better understanding of just how

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained

News continues to ricochet around the world of the latest development in the wake of the brewing Backpage. And this has had a number of our readers asking why this is such a big deal.

With that in mind we thought it could be beneficial to break the Salesforce case down in order to better

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Backpage Fallout Continues to Fester

This week we’ve been looking at the enduring legacy of destruction in the wake of the only underage sex peddling platform personally endorsed by Tony Ortega.

We saw how the murder in Atlanta ties directly back to Backpage’s thinly veiled revamp of its prostitution platform, rebranded now as ‘adult dating’. But the problem

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