The Convictions Begin

We have said from the beginning that many convictions would result from the criminal enterprise once known as Backpage.

This week we witness the start of that justice.

On April 10, 2019, one man from Claymont, Delaware and two from Wilmington were convicted of trafficking minors for sex via throughout Pennsylvania

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Tony Ortega’s Shell Game Lie

Recently we’ve been taking a look at the nefarious, often turbulent, tenure of one Tony Ortega during the dying months of the Village Voice. We saw how under Ortega’s leadership, The Village Voice’s circulation dropped from 240,265 to 213,358 in the space of a year. That’s a crushing 11% drop… and it was only the

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Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is a phrase we’re hearing a lot in the news today. But it doesn’t just have to do with presidential politics. Obstruction of justice can take many forms. Like that time when Tony Ortega’s sleazy Backpage bosses, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, sold the Village Voice.

They split the

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Tony Ortega and the Backpage: In His Own Words

“Backpage exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable. We’re First Amendment extremists that way. Always have been.”

So begins one of Tony Ortega’s many ardent defenses for his sex peddling bosses at the Backpage. “First Amendment extremist”, what is that phrase even meant to convey

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Tony Ortega’s Final Endorsement Words

Tony Ortega

In our article “Tony Ortega’s Village Voice: A Backpage Front” we drew your attention to the grand scheme behind The Village Voice and Backpage, specifically how they were from the beginning planned to be separated in order to fully concentrate on the mega profits produced by Backpage in its lust to sell

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained Part II

We set out yesterday to layout and explain the impending seismic impact of the latest spate of cases to hit federal courts this week with regard to the slow-moving train wreck that has been the Backpage.

Today we continue to unpack the ramifications in order to give our readers a better understanding of just how

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained

News continues to ricochet around the world of the latest development in the wake of the brewing Backpage. And this has had a number of our readers asking why this is such a big deal.

With that in mind we thought it could be beneficial to break the Salesforce case down in order to better

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Blatant Double Standards

We recently reported that fifty women are suing Salesforce, alleging the company profited by helping Backpage to engage in sex trafficking.

Too long the story of Tony Ortega’s bosses and their worldwide human trafficking ring has lingered in the shadows, on the periphery of other news stories favored by the mainstream media.

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The Backpage Hydra

In Greek mythology the Hydra was a many headed monster that guarded the entrance to the underworld. Part of what made this beast so terrifying was that whenever one of its heads was cut off, another two would grow in its place.

While the Hydra was never more than a myth, the Backpage was a

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