Selling Lies Is Tony Ortega’s Trade

Tony Ortega had sold his soul to Backpage and its illegal human trafficking trade. The series of articles he had been writing in the summer of 2011, attacking men and women brave enough to stand up against the Village Voice Media had all but confirmed it.

In our last article we saw how Tony Ortega

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An Inconvenient ‘WE’

Tony Ortega has been trying to separate himself from The Village Voice and its online whorehouse money-maker Backpage ever since he was unceremoniously fired and sent packing.

A number of Village Voice insiders we’ve talked to from that time have echoed what we’d been hearing, namely that Tony Ortega was being

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The Sick And Selfish Game Tony Ortega Plays

In our last installment we saw how Tony Ortega has a history of lying and gaslighting his way through his professional life every bit as much as personal life.

We saw yesterday how Tony Ortega lied during a speech to students at his own former college, feigning innocence in the face

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Motion Denied: Bombshell Ruling on Upcoming Backpage Trial Sends Shockwaves

Questions have been pouring into the blog recently about updates to the court case against the owners of Backpage, James Larkin and Michael Lacey, set for next spring. We here do our best to bring you all the late breaking news around the illegal sex trafficking scheme Tony Ortega long shilled for, knowing full well

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“Congress hauled in Craigslist on September 15, 2010. There, feminists, religious zealots, the well-intentioned, law enforcement, and social-service bureaucrats pilloried the online classified business for peddling “100,000 to 300,000” underage prostitutes annually. Those same numbers had already inspired terrified politicians, who let loose hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade to prohibitionists bent

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Backpage Pimps Faces Life For Selling Minors As Sex Slaves

Terry Johnson III

For the briefest of moments Tony Ortega had the attention of the nation. It came in the midst of a flurry of allegations that his employers at Backpage knowingly turned a blind eye to the epidemic of child sex trafficking that was taking place on the online platform built

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Prosecutors Target Backpage’s Lawyers

We’ve previously reported that Tony Ortega has just cause to be worried about being legally implicated in the broad-sweeping net federal prosecutors are using to round up all those who played a part in the Backpage sex trafficking scandal. Today we find another reason for Tony Ortega to be concerned that justice will

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Fighting Human Trafficking

In a recent blog post we examined the issue of what good Tony Ortega has brought into the world through his work. The answer is, not surprisingly: not much. There have been, however, consequences from his role supporting Backpage.

On Monday of this week Dr. Joseph P. Campbell Jr. presented on the use

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Tony Ortega Hasn’t Changed

Ortega has always sucked up to his bosses. From his early days as a hack journalist to his present incarnation as unemployed hack Twitterer, time has not changed Tony Ortega all that much.

At heart he is still the same disingenuous blowhard, content to ignore the human tragedy of child sex trafficking so

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Another one Bites the Dust!

There is an old joke about a history professor who would attempt to show his students the good in every historic event they studied. One day a particularly provocative pupil attempted to stump the professor by raising his hand and asking, “What about Adolf Hitler?” The professor paused a moment and said, “Well there

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