Backpage Pimps Faces Life For Selling Minors As Sex Slaves

Terry Johnson III

For the briefest of moments Tony Ortega had the attention of the nation. It came in the midst of a flurry of allegations that his employers at Backpage knowingly turned a blind eye to the epidemic of child sex trafficking that was taking place on the online platform built for

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Prosecutors Target Backpage’s Lawyers

We’ve previously reported that Tony Ortega has just cause to be worried about being legally implicated in the broad-sweeping net federal prosecutors are using to round up all those who played a part in the Backpage sex trafficking scandal. Today we find another reason for Tony Ortega to be concerned that justice will

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Fighting Human Trafficking

In a recent blog post we examined the issue of what good Tony Ortega has brought into the world through his work. The answer is, not surprisingly: not much. There have been, however, consequences from his role supporting Backpage.

On Monday of this week Dr. Joseph P. Campbell Jr. presented on the use

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Tony Ortega Hasn’t Changed

Ortega has always sucked up to his bosses. From his early days as a hack journalist to his present incarnation as unemployed hack Twitterer, time has not changed Tony Ortega all that much.

At heart he is still the same disingenuous blowhard, content to ignore the human tragedy of child sex trafficking so

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Another one Bites the Dust!

There is an old joke about a history professor who would attempt to show his students the good in every historic event they studied. One day a particularly provocative pupil attempted to stump the professor by raising his hand and asking, “What about Adolf Hitler?” The professor paused a moment and said, “Well there

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The Art of Looking Bad in a Lawsuit

This week’s case involving Backpage boss, Michael Lacey, and his prima donna request to have his ankle monitor removed in advance of his latest Hawaiian vacation highlights and underlines both the narcissism and lack of remorse the accused in this case have displayed at every turn.

While it is always distressing to see the moral

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Damning New Evidence in Trial of Tony Ortega’s Former Bosses

Tony Ortega Backpage Apologist

This past week we hinted at new evidence in the strange case of debauched Backpage impresario Michael Lacey’s request to a federal judge to have his ankle monitor removed to accommodate his upcoming Hawaiian vacation.

To more fully explain this, it’s helpful to take a look back at

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The Backpage HIV Killer

We’ve talked a lot about Tony Ortega and the role he played giving political cover to the human trafficking website Backpage. We’ve looked at the prostitution, the rape, the murder and the child exploitation made possible by those who helped and supported Backpage over the years.

Now yet another horror story has emerged

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The Ongoing Risk

Earlier this week we reported that Dan Hyer, the sales and marketing director of plead guilty in Arizona federal court to conspiring to facilitate prostitution. He is the second Backpage executive to plead guilty so far, with at least another six others slated to go to trial in early 2020.

Recently we’ve been asked

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Criminal Convictions Is What Keeps Tony Ortega Awake at Night

In the lead up to the coming trial of Tony Ortega’s former bosses the rising myriad of convictions must be giving team Tony Ortega no shortage of sleepless nights.

In addition to the convictions we mentioned in our last report, another has just come across our desk. This time it’s a Wisconsin man who prosecutors

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