Murder Trial’s Damning Backpage Connection

Last week we first reported to you about a man in Boston who killed his young, elementary school teacher wife, and how the prosecution has been seeking to use his texting with Backpage prostitutes to establish a probable timeline of the murder.

While this isn’t the sort of Backpage story we typically cover

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Tracking Killers Through Backpage

An explosive new murder case brewing in Boston, Massachusetts is shedding new light on the Backpage criminal empire today.

Cellphone records are being used by local and federal authorities as evidence in proceedings against a man from a sleepy suburb of the city who police say killed his young wife, a beloved elementary

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No Defense Against Truth

Since we began covering the insidious history of Backpage we’ve been witness to an unprecedented barrage of lawsuits levied against pimps and those who enabled them.

While we continue to hold out hope that these lawsuits may yet extend further down the corporate chain to include the Backpage bottom-feeders like would-be propagandist Tony

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Tony Ortega: Exploited Ignorance

There’s no shortage of bizarre stories surrounding Backpage (and we’re not just talking about the wholly fictional pro-Backpage propaganda Tony Ortega routinely pumped like raw sewage into the town aquifer.)

Today’s story is one of the stranger ones we’ve yet seen out of this ever-expanding Backpage sex syndicate scandal.


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They Can’t Escape Justice

Recently we helped break the story of an unnamed young woman who was manipulatively coerced by a pimp into selling herself for sex with anonymous strangers on the Internet, filling Backpage’s coffers in the process.

As we’ve previously reported, sex trafficking is a growing problem and thriving business thanks in part to men

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Harshest Backpage Sentence Yet: 20 Years, 20 Million Dollars

Another day of Backpage in the headlines, this time the news comes from the nation’s capitol where U.S. Attorney James Kennedy described in press conference today how 51-year-old Valentino Shine Sr. preyed upon and exploited women who were vulnerable and addicted to drugs. Kennedy says Shine used his knowledge as a recovering

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Million Dollar Madame 

As rich as Backpage’s founders, Michael Lacey, James Larkin and Carl Ferrer became as a result of their disastrous foray into the world of online child sex-trafficking, the massive generation of cash selling children for sex was hardly limited to the fat cats at the top of the pyramid scheme.

News broke this

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Backpage Smashes Glass Ceiling!

Reading through the litany of charges against all those who participated in the Backpage scam – from the kingpins at the top, to the hapless lackeys like Tony Ortega, to the rank and file pimps on the street – the vast majority of the accused have been men.

In the MeToo era this

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Backpage Evades Justice (For Now)

With all the success we’ve been having with recent developments in the dismantling and subsequent prosecution of the Backpage crime syndicate it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that there is still a long way to go before the kingpins and their willing lapdogs like Tony Ortega are brought to justice.

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Tony Ortega’s Driving Fear

Yesterday we looked at how Tony Ortega was used as a ‘tool’ of the devious individuals behind Backpage. He was what the Soviet propagandists used to call, “a useful idiot”, a political term used to describes a person who, through manipulation, is useful to a cause that is not their own despite not fully

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