Tony Ortega

“What’s there to panic about?”

The above quote, taken from one of Tony Ortega’s many shameless defenses of the Backpage child sex-ring syndicate, tells us so much about Ortega’s mindset in the midst of the scandal that would ultimately bring down the criminal enterprise employing him.

In someways it’s almost understandable that

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Keeping It In The Family

Back when Tony Ortega, infamous Backpage defender of pimps, prostitution, and philandering, was exposed carrying on multiple affairs while married to different women, people were rightly disgusted by his behavior.

When it came to light he was ‘sexting’ (chatting explicitly online) with a close family friend we began to see he was no

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Pure Theater Bosses

We have spoken openly and frankly here on the blog about how Michael Lacey and James Larkin piggybacked off their then-failing newspaper Village Voice to launch an international sex trafficking syndicate with a global reach. They succeeded in their efforts far beyond what they’d imagined and today we are all the

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“Traffic Jam” Hits Sex Traffickers

With the advent of the Internet, we now live in an age where so much of life is happening online. By the time the study of online sex trafficking began in a serious scholarly back in 2011, we were already seeing websites like Craigslist and, worst of them all, Backpage emerging as behemoths in

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Child Sex-trafficking in America

Tony Ortega and Leah Remini

If you ask Tony Ortega about child sex-trafficking in America, he’s likely to give you the same set of repeated lies he’s given so many media outlets before.

Consider this whopper Ortega offered up in a propaganda piece he wrote in defense of Backpage shortly before authorities

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Tony Ortega’s Hidden Crimes

More than a year after his arrest on unrelated drug charges following a traffic stop by police man in Amarillo, TX was charged with human trafficking and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

In March of 2018, Jirehn Lamarr Curtis Jr., 22, was stopped for a routine traffic violation. Though detained

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The Tony Ortega + Backpage: A Formula For Evil

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is cracking down on the multi-billion dollar business of human trafficking in the U.S. The very same line of work Tony Ortega so proudly, if tone-deafly, defended as an ‘honest exchange between consenting people’. That characterization, like so much that comes out of the mouth of Tony Ortega,

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Conspiracy of Silence

We have seen how Backpage had used litigation tactics by manipulating legal loops to keep from itself from facing the music.

Most courts had had no choice but to grant them temporary victories because of the unduly broad language of the Section 230 loophole.

But following the subpoena blitz we previously reported

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Backpage: Subpoena Blitz

It’s no secret Michael Lacey and James Larkin built on the backs of (let’s be generous here) ‘questionable’ motives and a couple of key legal loopholes.

With Section 230 as their weapon, they pushed their way into the court system. At first it seemed the side of law and decency was losing after

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Backpage: Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Ship

“They love to inflate the numbers by talking about children ‘at risk’ of exploitation.”

That was how Backpage boss Michael Lacey characterized the work of the experts at the Crimes Against Children Research Center on the subject of child sex trafficking. In that statement, Lacey highlights his callous indifference to suffering victims

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