Unconscionable Predictability

Here at the blog we wrote to explain a little context behind just how Backpage was converted into a human trafficking and prostitution enterprise, with men like Tony Ortega doing much of the heavy lifting to sell the idea to the public.

For six years Tony Ortega lived off the money

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The Pimp and The Pyramid Scheme

We have written about Tony Ortega and the economic incentive he had in maintaining the Backpage hierarchy of pimps controlling the victims they exploited. We suggested in that piece that Tony Ortega was a willing participant in this scheme, unlike the many nameless victims Backpage took advantage of as it generated hundreds of millions

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Tony Ortega’s “Willingly Consensual” Backpage Affair

Among Tony Ortega’s many demonstrable lies, one whopper he invented to help clear infamous sex-trafficking hub Backpage must surely rank somewhere near the top — the lie of course, was that Backpage existed solely for consenting adults to find each other.

Yeah, right!

Even someone as shortsighted and narrow-minded as Tony Ortega

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Backpage Trial

Time for a much needed update on the pending trial of the century, in which Backpage.com co-founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin will finally be called to account for the scores of sex trafficking crimes their platform made possible for so many years. The federal court trial is set for August 17 in Phoenix,

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The Passive Persistence of Tony Ortega’s Lies

We’ve been talking about the malicious practice of grooming, or preparing innocent victims for exploitation by unscrupulous operators, like Tony Ortega’s former bosses over at the notorious Backpage sex trafficking site.

We mentioned yesterday about an interesting case of a woman in Texas who survived her Backpage ordeal and is now taking the

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They Had It Coming To Them

We informed our readers about the vile practice of ‘grooming’, which we defined as the process of developed dependence in order to lead someone into sex trafficking.

We argued that the sex pimping sites like Backpage, and even far less popular sites like Tony Ortega’s regrettable basement blog, incorporate a lot of these

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Slavery By Its Other Name

By any reasonable accounting this has been a very bad year for James Larkin and Michael Lacey, the former capi di tutti i capi of the Backpage family — the largest online advertiser child sex trafficking the world had ever seen.

Despite the perfectly transparent attempts by the likes of Tony Ortega to

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Another Explosive Backpage Article Goes Viral

The other day we were first to break the story to our readers of a pending tv series based on an article about Backpage which went viral. Today we received news of a similar type story – another damning article dealing with the underage sex trafficking mill and the human vermin like Tony Ortega

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The Downfall of Backpage: Coming to a TV Near You

It’s not often we follow entertainment news here on the blog but today something came across the transom that we just couldn’t ignore.

Last year Christine Biederman, who spends her time as a lawyer and part time investigative reporter based out of Dallas, Texas, wrote an incredibly damning exposé on the Backpage empire

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Hatching the Backpage Scheme

“I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a website into a digital enterprise.” – Tony Ortega

The above quote came from Tony Ortega while, with his typical braggadocios self-importance, hw was spouting off to the New York Times on just what an important player he was in the empire Backpage built.

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