Without Tony Ortega

It’s interesting sometimes to note how with the trial against the crime syndicate that ran Backpage once more in the headlines, other folks have started refocusing their examination of the problem as well. Take for example the Justice Department, which just held a “summit” on Tuesday of this week, where officials touted convictions of

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Backpage Trial Watch: A Taste Of What’s to Come

It wasn’t that long ago that Backpage.com was considered something akin to the Walmart or Amazon of the sex industry, where people could find thousands of sex services listed on the classified ad website.

Previously we’ve told the story of how the site rocketed to popularity in 2010, around the time when Craigslist

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The President Declares War on Backpage-style Sex Trafficking

On the last day of 2019, the President proclaimed January to be “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,” calling the crime of trafficking an “affront to humanity that tragically reaches all parts of the world.” And having seen the mess Tony Ortega made of his so-called career while shilling for Backpage,

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Tony Ortega Still Can’t Silence Experts on Child Sex Trafficking

Checking back in on the ongoing nightmare caused by the child sex traffickers at Backpage. This of course, is the same organization Tony Ortega would routinely shill for, often attacking the very victims and their advocates.

Only months ago, infamous sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein made news after he was re-arrested and awaiting trial

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DeliverFund: The Untold Story of Backpage’s Worst Nightmare

“The sad truth is that it’s happening in every city in America.”

The above quote comes from Kara Smith, a senior targeting analyst with DeliverFund, an organization dedicated to busting sex trafficking operations across the country and, as it happens, Backpage’s biggest nightmare.

The group, comprised of former CIA, NSA, special forces, and

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What Losers Do Best

Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere

With the death of the mysterious sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein so much in the news this past week, one seemingly minor question continues to confound news sources. Who was financing Epstein’s lifestyle? With no job to speak of, no sources of income, no vast inheritance from

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Keeping It In The Family

Back when Tony Ortega, infamous Backpage defender of pimps, prostitution, and philandering, was exposed carrying on multiple affairs while married to different women, people were rightly disgusted by his behavior.

When it came to light he was ‘sexting’ (chatting explicitly online) with a close family friend we began to see he was no

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“Traffic Jam” Hits Sex Traffickers

With the advent of the Internet, we now live in an age where so much of life is happening online. By the time the study of online sex trafficking began in a serious scholarly back in 2011, we were already seeing websites like Craigslist and, worst of them all, Backpage emerging as behemoths in

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Child Sex-trafficking in America

Tony Ortega and Leah Remini

If you ask Tony Ortega about child sex-trafficking in America, he’s likely to give you the same set of repeated lies he’s given so many media outlets before.

Consider this whopper Ortega offered up in a propaganda piece he wrote in defense of Backpage shortly before authorities

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Tony Ortega’s Hidden Crimes

More than a year after his arrest on unrelated drug charges following a traffic stop by police man in Amarillo, TX was charged with human trafficking and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

In March of 2018, Jirehn Lamarr Curtis Jr., 22, was stopped for a routine traffic violation. Though detained

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