Why Tony Ortega Remains The State’s Crucial Witness

Tony Ortega Backpage.com Apologist

As we observed during our look back at the seriously suspect history of Tony Ortega’s ‘career’ as a propagandist for hire for the syndicate behind the child sex trafficking website Backpage, the truth is far stranger than any fiction Ortega has ever invented.

During his tenure at the Village

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Million Dollar Madame 

As rich as Backpage’s founders, Michael Lacey, James Larkin and Carl Ferrer became as a result of their disastrous foray into the world of online child sex-trafficking, the massive generation of cash selling children for sex was hardly limited to the fat cats at the top of the pyramid scheme.

News broke this

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What Losers Do Best

Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere

With the death of the mysterious sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein so much in the news this past week, one seemingly minor question continues to confound news sources. Who was financing Epstein’s lifestyle? With no job to speak of, no sources of income, no vast inheritance from

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