Backpage Trial Update: “Dirty Tricksters”

In the world of ligation there are no shortage of dirty tricks for those unscrupulous enough to employ them. This seems to be the case especially when those charged with a crime understand how weak their legal defense is and, more importantly, just how guilty they are of the charges before them. This certainly

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The Unethical, Amoral Cesspool Tony Ortega Sold his Soul To

This past week we’ve been examining Tony Ortega’s response to the numerous instances of protest aimed at him for his participation in the Backpage child sex trafficking scheme he so ardently defended while on their payroll.

We’ve seen how angry protestors fed up with Ortega’s two-faced ‘human-trafficking-as-First-Amendment-right’ defense of Backpage flocked to

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Unconscionable Predictability

Here at the blog we wrote to explain a little context behind just how Backpage was converted into a human trafficking and prostitution enterprise, with men like Tony Ortega doing much of the heavy lifting to sell the idea to the public.

For six years Tony Ortega lived off the

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Tony Ortega has been on a long, inevitable decline in both relevance and recognizability since his days as former editor-in-chief of The Village Voice.

Regular readers of this blog are already familiar with the undeniable facts that The Village Voice and Voice Media Group are both complicit in the sex and human

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Backpage Co-conspirators Beware: The Lawsuits Are Coming

We’ve long known that law enforcement takes a very dim view of those who give aid and assistance to known sex traffickers. Increasingly, the legal system is demonstrating a similar view, by allowing more and more cases to proceed against those who partnered with Backpage to exploit underage children and vulnerable women.

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Tony Ortega the Golden Boy of Backpage Bosses

As we’ve been discussing the events that would start in motion the beginning of the end for Backpage, we thought it might be helpful to explore the landmark case that started it all — the lawsuit filed by a 14 yr sex trafficking victim who was brave enough to stand against bullies like

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Ortega’s Incriminating Silence Loudly Proclaims Guilt

The shutdown of the adult section on, one of the biggest classified ads sites in the world, sent shockwaves through the seedy world of online human sex trafficking across the globe only a few short years ago.

In the wake of the this uncommonly prescient move by federal authorities, many with

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Murder Trial’s Damning Backpage Connection

Last week we first reported to you about a man in Boston who killed his young, elementary school teacher wife, and how the prosecution has been seeking to use his texting with Backpage prostitutes to establish a probable timeline of the murder.

While this isn’t the sort of Backpage story we typically

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Tony Ortega’s Driving Fear

Yesterday we looked at how Tony Ortega was used as a ‘tool’ of the devious individuals behind Backpage. He was what the Soviet propagandists used to call, “a useful idiot”, a political term used to describes a person who, through manipulation, is useful to a cause that is not their own despite not

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Pure Theater Bosses

We have spoken openly and frankly here on the blog about how Michael Lacey and James Larkin piggybacked off their then-failing newspaper Village Voice to launch an international sex trafficking syndicate with a global reach. They succeeded in their efforts far beyond what they’d imagined and today we are all

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