The Basest Of Conceivable Scoundrels

Sometimes in the mad onrush of history we default into a sort of complacent read of events. Much of the shock of ‘breaking news’ at the time is lost on us as years pass and the calamitous impact of ‘events as they happen’ is dulled. This week we’re going to try something a little

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Child Sex-trafficking in America

Tony Ortega and Leah Remini

If you ask Tony Ortega about child sex-trafficking in America, he’s likely to give you the same set of repeated lies he’s given so many media outlets before.

Consider this whopper Ortega offered up in a propaganda piece he wrote in defense of Backpage shortly before

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Bipartisan Justice

Back on January 10, 2017, it was a day of reckoning on Capitol Hill for the Backpage, when the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a new report saying that Backpage had knowingly facilitated underage trafficking on its site by actively editing ads posted in the “adult services” section. It was then

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The Backpage Shell Game

Deceit through obfuscation. In every sense, this could have been a motto for the Backpage during the time Carl Ferrer was Tony Ortega’s superior at the helm of the largest sex trafficking platform the United States has ever known.

This week we’ve been looking at how Ferrer directly reached out to pimps and traffickers in

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Backpage, Tony Ortega and The Company You Keep

Over the past decade or more, marketing for prostitution began to migrate to the Internet, as website operators have sought to enable buyers and sellers of sex to maintain their anonymity and minimize the risk of detection by law enforcement.

Named for the infamous “Back Page” of the Village Voice newspaper, became the

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