Why doesn’t Paul Haggis speak out?

Paul Haggis often brags that his charitable work in Haiti began well before the 2010 earthquake, insisting that he has raised millions of dollars for the impoverished country. But there is something he is not speaking out about.

Troubling reports began surfacing about cover-ups surrounding investigations into the hiring of sex workers for

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A Watershed Moment

The vast majority of women who are raped or sexually assaulted do not report the crime to police, as surveys in light of allegations facing Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh suggests. Tragically, this is so because in many cases because the victims have little confidence that their attacker will ever be brought to justice.

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Bipartisan Justice Part II

In our last post we referenced the bipartisan support that lead to The U.S. Senate’s condemnation of Backpage and its vocal supports when it voted overwhelmingly in February to close an Internet law loophole that has shielded Backpage from liability when they ran ads for minors being offered as prostitutes.

The law this

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Size and Scope

For as much as we’ve talked about the dangers of Tony Ortega’s hate-blog and the work of his former employers at the sleazy sex selling site, Backpage, it could be helpful to take a moment to set each in its proper context.

For example, Tony Ortega’s ‘angry troll on the internet’ routine generates

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Tony Ortega’s Spurious Logic

The more one examines Tony Ortega’s involvement as Editor-in-Chief of his former rag, the Village Voice, and how he defended their attempts to make money off of sex trafficking the sicker one gets.

We know have incontrovertible proof in the form of first-hand, corroborated accounts (as described in affidavits to the Court by

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Tony Ortega, The Propaganda Face of Backpage.com

Florida Abolitionist, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Orlando, Florida with a mission to combat and end human trafficking and other forms of modern day human slavery. It provides direct services to trafficked adults and children.

In a new lawsuit, Florida Abolitionist has filed against the men behind Backpage, it alleges

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The Normalization of Underage Prostitution

By the time the Feds shutdown Tony Ortega’s former employers’s Backpage.com, it was largest source of online human sex trafficking in the United States.This chilling fact, seemingly the one subject upon which Tony Ortega is conspicuously silent, is not disputed.

That Backpage conspirators generated $135 million in revenue, the vast majority of

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Wife beater interviews backpage.com apologist

It is no surprise that Ron Miscavige, a wife beater, interviewed the infamous Backpage.com and sex trafficking apologist, Tony Ortega.

Watch Ron Miscavige on national television admitting that he beat his wife.

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Backpage Has a Serial Rape Problem

Recently we reported on the history making case filed against Tony Ortega’s ex-employers earlier this year in which a young girl allegedly suffered multiple rapes through the sex trafficking made possible by James Larkin’s and Michael Lacey’s Backpage platform.

We can now reveal that while that particular case remains groundbreaking, it isn’t the only

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משהו מוזר קורה עם טוני אורטגה


אפשר אפילו לראות את זה ב“דיווחים” בבלוג שלו – יותר ויותר פריטים שנכתבו על ידי אחרים, פחות כתבות שהוא כותב. המרירות ודברי השנאה של טוני כלפי האמונות של סיינטולוגיה גוברים, בזמן שהוא לא מדווח על שום סיפורים מהותיים או מציאותיים.

אולי הוא ויתר? אולי הוא לא מרוכז מספיק בגלל המצב

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