Backpage Boss Breaks Silence

It’s that time again! Time for your Backpage Sex Peddling trial update, brought to you by Tony Ortega and his criminally indicted bosses.

This week, we heard the first words co-founder and Tony Ortega’s former boss, Michael Lacey, offered about allegations he faces for running a prostitution ring and shady money laundering operation.

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The Dark Art of Deflection

Deflection is a term often used by those who see Tony Ortega’s blog and Twitter feed for what they really are. It describes a method by which unscrupulous social media users attempt to a manipulate their audiences by twisting ideas an especially perverse or abnormal ways in order to prejudice their judgement against specific

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Tony Ortega blog: Warning Signs

The holiday season in America usually suggests a time when people set their differences of opinion aside and come together to celebrate in an atmosphere of peace and goodwill. Today, however, there is a different feeling in the air. With the protests against what seems to be an ever increasing level of

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