Understanding Tony Ortega

Any attempt to understand Tony Ortega’s strange obsession with defending the truly indefensible sex-for-cash prostitution ring prosecutors for the federal government have hauled them in to court to answer for, must begin with a survey of Ortega’s own quotes on the matter. On June 29, 2011, Ortega wrote:

“Backpage.com has since inherited some

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What’s wrong with Tony Ortega?

When Tony Ortega was dismissed from The Village Voice in September 2012, The New York Observer disclosed that he lost his job as Editor-in-Chief for neglecting his duties in favor of his personal daily rants against Scientology. It got so bad that one staffer at the Voice complained, “He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and

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Coalition of Peace Takes a Stand Against Hate

Perhaps the lasting legacy of Leah Remini’s hate television show, once the dust has settled after the show’s imminent cancellation, will be the violence it inspired in its wake. As of this writing there has been arson at Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Halls, shots fired in anger and many more.

With news now that

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Leah Remini: Truth Behind the Lies

An intriguing story crossed our desks this morning that we wanted to make sure our readers got their eyes on. It’s been an open secret in show business that Leah Remini is terribly difficult to work with.

But leaked conversations with her co-workers are shedding new light on a developing situation, according to

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Crackpot Conspiracy Theorists Get Set Straight

Conspiracy theories are interesting things. Once the exclusive domain of crackpots and the tinfoil-hatted types, people like Tony Ortega, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have in recent years tried to mainstream these types of wild fantasies in the hopes of making a fast buck.

The main advantage of the conspiracy theory of course

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Tony Ortega’s Abrupt Departure


Maybe it’s not so hard to believe that it’s already been 6 years since Tony Ortega was let go as the editor of The Village Voice. Since that time it’s been an on-going saga of continuous unemployment, desperate boot-licking in Hollywood, and a lackluster (to say the least) foray into the narcissistic world of

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Bad News For Tony Ortega: Department of Justice Recognizes Human Trafficking Prevention Month

This last month was designated by the White House as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, dedicating the month to raising national awareness of the issue of human trafficking and highlighting efforts to combat this violent crime and those who would enable and endorse such practices.

There’s no mistake that

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Internet Pimps

People have been talking a lot lately about Tony Ortega and his infamous defense of the Backpage, since the story is once again making headlines as the federal government moves ahead with its case against the people behind it.

Tony Ortega asserts that the classified section was never a platform for selling sex, but a

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The Emperor With No Clothes

It’s not often, but once every blue moon Tony Ortega’s delivers a laugh despite his best attempts to engender feelings decidedly less lighthearted.

It’s a well-known fact for those seeking to avoid fake news that if you’re looking for truth in journalism, you will find it in short supply on Tony Ortega’s blog

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Insisting on Intolerance

By this point it is a well established fact that Tony Ortega and Leah Remini feel no compunction about sinking to new lows to get attention. Maybe this a part of what makes their behavior increasingly sickening to people

This backlash against hate has been slowly building for a while now. Their response has not

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