The Contagion of Weaponized Hate

Every day in this country we are subject to some form of propaganda. This technique of controlling the public thought does not just affect our citizens, but often times it affects citizens around the globe. This attempt to control the public’s thought process isn’t just something we see from governments or political organizations seeking to

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Money, Mendacity, and Body Count

Bitter ex-Scientologist Leah Remini has a credibility problem. How is anyone meant to take a single word or opinion seriously when she so clearly attempts day after day to wield her bias like a weapon meant to hurt and destroy reputations and personal lives?

The sad reality is that there are those weak-minded

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The Rhetoric of Shameless Propagandists


In today’s world propaganda is unavoidable. We’re bombarded by it daily, all towards a singular end of manipulating opinions in the hopes of controlling action.

Through his Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, Hitler developed a system to manipulate public opinion through the power of words. As Hitler himself wrote:

“Propaganda must always address itself to

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On the subject of Abuse

by Kathy Haggis

Paul Haggis has been quite vocal recently in accusing others of “abuse.” It seems a strange tack to take since Paul must himself admit that he never personally observed any of the incidents he claims occurred – largely because they were, in fact, fabricated by others. So why would Paul seize on

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Leah Remini’s Dilema

While we’ve been looking at some of the chief aggressors in the dark world of hate-inspired propaganda, we thought it would be valuable to take a step back and look at the corporations supporting and promoting these bigots.

Starting with the biggest of the bunch: The Walt Disney Company. To call this multi-billion

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Sickening Cycle of Propaganda

These days you don’t have to look very hard to find propaganda being spread with the goal of inciting intolerance and violence.

Indeed, much of the violence perpetrated against Scientology can be sourced directed back to biased ‘big name’ propagandists such as Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney and their bigoted books and films. Like clockwork,

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Paul Haggis: Exposed

When this video dropped on our desk this week it had us all nodding our heads in agreement from the moment it began to roll. Finally someone was saying what many of us have long been thinking.

Indeed, we’ve written a good number of blog posts on the subject of Paul Haggis who

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Birds of a Feather

We’ve been talking a lot about Leah Remini and the imminent demise of her nightmare television series, but recently readers have been asking for more about Leah’s strangely silent producer in all this – Mike Rinder. Surely Rinder isn’t the out of control narcissist Leah Remini is… Right?

When it comes to Mike

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600 Reasons To Stop Intolerance

Alarming news out of the Southern Poverty Law Center this week as their newly published report outlines the number of hate groups operating in the United States rose by an alarming 7 percent to an all-time high in 2018, reflecting an increasingly polarized nation.

The SPLC, which has tracked hate groups since 1971, found there

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Leah Remini’s One Simple Reason

Leah Remini does what she does for one simple reason — the money. Try as she might to create an aura of concern for others in order to win the hearts of her viewing public this fact remains uncontested among those who know or have ever had the misfortune to work with Leah.

This fake

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