Why is Tony Ortega Obsessed With People’s Looks?

We guess life is easy when you’re the paragon of male attractiveness. Certainly this must be the case for Tony Ortega who seems completely comfortable objectifying both women and men on a regular basis. Whether going after actresses for fluctuations in their weight or men for clothing choices which don’t impress Tony Ortega’s crackerjack

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We reported about how unscrupulous Twitter agents like Tony Ortega will concoct outlandish stories in the hopes that their sheer insanity will capture the depraved imaginations of his naive audience, leading them to retweet and spread his lies.

This tactic is nothing new for Tony Ortega, and yet somehow we find

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Was Tony Ortega a Clueless Tool to Undermine Democracy?

The media has been ablaze reporting on foreign-based propaganda factories set up to spread damaging lies in order to create further tension among Americans on the internet.

Statistics show that more than 677,000 Twitter users liked, retweeted, or followed accounts linked to the Russian-linked Internet Research Agency (IRA) in 2016, according to recently published Twitter

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Long ago, people used to cook over an open flame using crudely made copper kettles and iron pots. While the copper kettles were usually cleaned and polished after every use, the iron pots were not and remained blackened from the soot from previous cookings.

Some ancient wit from that period of history got

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Faster Than Truth

There’s an old adage among social media experts, “Fake news travels faster than truth on Twitter”.

In what could be viewed as a balanced counterpoint to our last posting about Tony Ortega and his legion of now-banned fake users, new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests that people themselves, even without

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Tony Ortega’s Constellation of Quackery

Does Tony Ortega’s recent fascination with stars and other celestial bodies suggest he might have a growing fascination with Astrology?

Infamous atheist and all-around grumpy old man Tony Ortega sure seems to put a lot of time into tracking the movement of stars. A tweet he posted earlier this week about the Perseus

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Parsing Tony’s Obsessive Twitter History

Following on the recent news more details surrounding Tony Ortega’s Twitter habits have emerged, we take a deeper dive into still more specifics behind his controversial use of the popular microblogging platform.

When we searched the most-used words in Ortega’s Twitter history we find hard proof that his number one obsession “Scientology” takes

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Egotism Unchained

This week we’ve been taking an extensive view of the details of Tony Ortega’s Twitter past and today we conclude with a real humdinger.

Spend any amount of time trying to make sense of the chaotic nonsense that chokes Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize two things — Number one: There’s

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The Most Important Thing on The Internet

Recently we commented on the delusions of the likes of so-called ‘critics’ Leah Remini and Tony Ortega, suggesting that they spin the narrative and manipulate their audiences in order to present themselves as somehow being authorities on the subject of their obsessive witch hunt.

Well, leave it to Tony O., who in less

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Tony Ortega Attacks Police

These days there is a lot of talk about “conspiracy theories”. We hear about them in our election politics, read about them in financial revelations like the Panama Papers, and watch them unfold in the MeToo Movement in Hollywood.

Savvy manipulators of this mindset like Leah Remini and her

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