Parsing Tony’s Obsessive Twitter History

Following on the recent news more details surrounding Tony Ortega’s Twitter habits have emerged, we take a deeper dive into still more specifics behind his controversial use of the popular microblogging platform.

When we searched the most-used words in Ortega’s Twitter history we find hard proof that his number one obsession “Scientology” takes

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Tony Ortega’s Bad News From YouTube

Hot on the tails of our latest tip about Tony Ortega’s floundering Youtube channel, we checked in with the good folks over at Socialblade to do a deep dive on his actual numbers. What we found surprised even us.

As reported previously, Tony Ortega’s rating is a C+. While we certainly feel any

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Tony Ortega’s Cross-platform Hate

You may remember when we recently called Tony Ortega to task for the truly monumental dive in popularity his Twitter suffered, as reported by the social media watchdog of record “” earlier this year. So large was the mass migration of online eyes from Tony Ortega’s online platforms that it lead to

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