Tony Ortega’s ‘Foolproof’ Self-Policing

More fall out today following the news we reported to you recently about the former Florida teacher who purchased a 14-year-old girl for sex via the now-seized website after it was announced that he would be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to the Gainesville Sun, report on the story Jeffrey

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Leah Remini Has a Radicalization Problem

An honest question for Leah Remini’s anti-religion program:

With all their angry (at times positively unhinged) accusations of criminal activity on the part of the Church of Scientology, where is the evidence that Scientology is actually breaking the law?

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini certainly have resources (A&E’s corporate legal department for

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Fake News: A Checklist

A couple of years ago, way back when the phrase fake news was finding its footing in this country, the fact-checking website Politifact offered up the following definition of “fake news” as “made-up stuff, masterfully manipulated to look like credible journalistic reports that are easily spread online to large audiences willing to believe the fictions

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Tony Ortega: Wannabe

In her book on adolescent bullying, “Queen Bees and Wannabes”, author Rosalind Wiseman makes the following observation:

People fight over technology in ways they never would face-to-face because they can say their version of events without getting immediate feedback that might challenge it. It allows people to throw more intense self-righteous temper tantrums.

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מכתב ל”עיתונאי” משוחד ומוטה

מכתבים ממשיכים לזרום אלינו בנוגע לטוני אורטגה ולטקטיקות ה“עיתונאיות” שלו. יש את המכתב הזה שנכתב על ידי אחד הקורבנות של טוני אורטגה.

במכתב נאמר:

“היום אני רוצה לדבר על טוני אורטגה. כבר מספר שנים אני אומר שטוני אורטגה הוא עיטונאי מוטה, וזה מתבטא בכתובת

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Former mouthpiece Tony Ortega tries to put up a new look


Six years after losing his job at the Village Voice, Tony Ortega remains unemployed. While Ortega describes himself as “a dude and a laptop”, he is living off of his wife’s United Nations salary. Kept men have no shame.

Ortega is obsessed over Scientology and Scientologists which he stalks on a regular

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Meet The Silversteins

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How an Attempted Murderer Becomes a Hero, According to Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega makes a hero out of Arnaldo (Arnie) Pagliarini Lerma, who attempted to murder his wife, Ginger Sugerman, before killing himself on March 16, 2018.

Hypocrisy is the operative word when it comes to Tony Ortega and his followers. Some say Lerma was a “hero” and others that he was an attempted murderer.

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Anonymous at the United Nations?


On January 27, 2018, Tony Ortega wrote:

Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom

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Tony Ortega, No More Secrets

Tony Ortega is nothing if not a man of secrets. While sometimes those secrets are innocuous, as in his tight-lipped refusal to discuss the events surrounding his “exist” from the Village Voice, others carry with them the unmistakable air of willful malfeasance. Example: Ortega’s secret overseas bride, Fatimah Suryono Ortega, whose questionable legal status in the U.S. Ortega worked hard to keep hidden.

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