Beneath the Surface

Tony Ortega may be living well beyond his means in a fancy house in Scarsdale with his wife Arielle Silverstein but don’t for a second let this fool you into thinking he is anything close to a modern success story.

As previously discussed Tony Ortega is, and has been for years,

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Former mouthpiece Tony Ortega tries to put up a new look


Six years after losing his job at the Village Voice, Tony Ortega remains unemployed. While Ortega describes himself as “a dude and a laptop”, he is living off of his wife’s United Nations salary. Kept men have no shame.

Ortega is obsessed over Scientology and Scientologists which he stalks on a regular

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Meet The Silversteins

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Anonymous at the United Nations?


On January 27, 2018, Tony Ortega wrote:

Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom

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