Tony Ortega’s Spurious Logic

The more one examines Tony Ortega’s involvement as Editor-in-Chief of his former rag, the Village Voice, and how he defended their attempts to make money off of sex trafficking the sicker one gets.

We know have incontrovertible proof in the form of first-hand, corroborated accounts (as described in affidavits to the Court by

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Just who is Tony Ortega’s wife?

Arielle Silverstein works at the United Nations Ethics Office in New York City. Though she trained as an attorney in Europe and she is a member of the Israeli bar association she cannot legally practice law in the United States.

For years there have been whispers that Silverstein was a source for

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Obsessive, Obsequious, Occupationally Challenged


The summer of 2012 was a rough one for Tony Ortega. It was the summer he was fired from his job ‘editing’ The Village Voice. If editing is what it could be called.

Said one ex-staffer during this time:

“He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of

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Was Tony Ortega paid to keep his mouth shut?

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