Terrible News For Inveterate Liars

A few years ago now the European Union’s highest court ruled that Google and other search engines must consider and, when appropriate, accept requests from “ordinary people” to have certain specific links to their names deleted from search engines. And this, as you can imagine, has opened up a can of worms. Maybe even

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Tony Clickbait Ortega

Look back over the regrettable career of Tony Ortega and you will find it is littered with trashy, fabricated stories aimed chiefly toward uneducated readers of free alt weekly newspapers and online gossip blogs.

Tony Ortega’s inventions have ranged from fake stories about fake people, to wackadoo claims designed to smear and defame. It’s all

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“What the Hell Was This Guy Doing Running the Village Voice?”

“What the hell is this guy doing running the Village Voice?” That was a question on everyone’s lips the day Tony Ortega took over the role as Editor-in-Chief at the Village Voice. To see Tony Ortega stalking the same halls as Sidney Schanberg, Nat Hentoff, Robert Christegau, Jules Feiffer, and a lot of other eminent

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Tony Ortega: Betrayal Part II

In the article Tony Ortega: Betrayal we started by examining the role Tony Ortega played in helping tank the Village Voice. Though the paper was failing financially, it’s clear on its face that their decision to install Tony Ortega as Editor-In-Chief was the nail in its coffin.

Tony Ortega desperately wants

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Tony Ortega: Betrayal

Tony Ortega

It was early in the spring of 2007 when the Village Voice made a huge miscalculation. That was when they installed Tony Ortega as Editor-in-Chief of the alt-weekly rag. The entire paper would fold shortly thereafter — coming as a surprise to absolutely no one familiar with Tony Ortega’s work.

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Ortega’s Cycle of Fake Careers

In a recent article we discussed how little, in fact, Tony Ortega has changed over the years. He has always been motivated by greed and pride. And he has always been an obsessive troll.

And it’s the subject of his obsessive nature that should be a major red flag to anyone who might be

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What’s wrong with Tony Ortega?

When Tony Ortega was dismissed from The Village Voice in September 2012, The New York Observer disclosed that he lost his job as Editor-in-Chief for neglecting his duties in favor of his personal daily rants against Scientology. It got so bad that one staffer at the Voice complained, “He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and

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Tony Ortega’s Spurious Logic

The more one examines Tony Ortega’s involvement as Editor-in-Chief of his former rag, the Village Voice, and how he defended their attempts to make money off of sex trafficking the sicker one gets.

We know have incontrovertible proof in the form of first-hand, corroborated accounts (as described in affidavits to the Court by

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Just who is Tony Ortega’s wife?

Arielle Silverstein works at the United Nations Ethics Office in New York City. Though she trained as an attorney in Europe and she is a member of the Israeli bar association she cannot legally practice law in the United States.

For years there have been whispers that Silverstein was a source for

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Obsessive, Obsequious, Occupationally Challenged


The summer of 2012 was a rough one for Tony Ortega. It was the summer he was fired from his job ‘editing’ The Village Voice. If editing is what it could be called.

Said one ex-staffer during this time:

“He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of

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