Take the Hint Tony Ortega: Your Time is Up

This week took a close look at Tony Ortega’s suspicious use of Twitter, the platform of choice for the unpublishable hate-critics of modern age. So far we’ve gotten a lot of great feed-back from our readers who it seems overwhelmingly agree that Ortega is a pathetic fraud desperate to position himself as the final word on all things Scientology.

Reassuringly, reading the passionate response from our readers it looks like he is failing in this attempt.

One reader writes:

I read in your blog exposing Tony and his family connection to an anti-religious group of people, and his way to make up for being an idle worker who is not making a penny. If you look at his blog you will see that he publishes an article every 24 hours at exactly 07:00AM and most of his articles are actually bunch of texts that other people have written. I think he is in his end of the profession of defaming such a group which he is not liking, and he is doing that instead of showing the REAL fault of that group.. He is basically harming himself and it is sad as he could have done a much better job.

An interesting observation. Could Tony Ortega be on the last legs of his days as self-proclaimed lone anti-Scientology crusader? It seems he has abandoned all pretense of writing original posts, choosing instead to hyperlink to the work of others. Maybe spending all day stewing in his own self-generated rage is beginning to take a toll?

Or maybe it’s the company keeps, as another reader notes:

Look at Tony at the Howdy-con, this is just ridiculous! Why does he place himself in such level with bad/weird/psycho-like people… this is another action he is doing which harms himself.

Maybe it’s time for you to hang it up Tony? With the Federal investigations into your shady work for the sex-slave-for-hire website backpage.com, the continued, chronic unemployment, the shameful attempts to ingratiate yourself with a B-list celebrity which, word around the water cooler, have resulted your being seen as persona non grata over at certain network… Maybe it’s time to take the hint from your wife, Arielle Silverstein, a get a real job because she won’t be paying the bills forever.

Your fifteen minutes have long expired. Your infamous reputation has finally caught up with you.

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