Terrible News For Inveterate Liars

A few years ago now the European Union’s highest court ruled that Google and other search engines must consider and, when appropriate, accept requests from “ordinary people” to have certain specific links to their names deleted from search engines. And this, as you can imagine, has opened up a can of worms. Maybe even a barrelful of them. As frequent readers of this blog can well imagine there is certainly no shortage of garbage produced by well known hatemonger Tony Ortega that he might wish expunged from the unforgiving eye of history.

In our minds, this opens up an interesting debate. And indeed, we can’t help wondering how this might ultimately affect one of the stories we shared with you from Tony Ortega’s past instances of fraud and crimes against journalism.

Some time ago, we ran a series of posts regarding the attempts by Tony Ortega when he was top dog over at the Village Voice. Careful readers will remember this was one of Tony Ortega’s more brazen attempts to line The Voice’s pockets and boost its foundering circulation by printing an ‘original’ series of stories alleging that Bruce McMahan, a wealthy hedge fund manager and philanthropist, had married his own daughter in Westminster Abbey. Remember that one? You’d be forgiven at the time if you thought it was too outlandish to be believed. The absurdity of the allegation, the hilarity of the details and the absolute absence of any evidence in support of Tony’s wild fiction did seem to hamper his readers, however. There is, after all, an element in any society that will just eat up any tale that that a hardline propagandist like Tony Ortega vomits forth.

The stories became the most-read posts by the Voice in its history the fact that they were completely fabricated from whole cloth by an extortionist and a sociopath, and bought hook, line and sinker by a third-rate stringer and a quasi-literate editor like Tony Ortega who was only too eager to cash in on yet another lie, did nothing to prevent the wholesale assassination of McMahan on the pages of the world wide web.

But the EU court’s decision, applied to the McMahan episode, may well determine that the events happened long enough ago that he might successfully apply for the links to be stricken from any search of his name.

This would be welcomed news for the countless victims of Tony Ortega’s slapdash brand of terroristic journalism but terrible news for the inveterate liars who publish them. (Looking at you here, Tony!)

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