Terrorism & The Propaganda Ministers of Social Media

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers about Tony Ortega’s bigot buddy, Chris Shelton, over the past few days. It makes sense, seeing as self-aggrandized charlatans like Ortega and Shelton are rarely as important or well-known as they’d like you to think.

With that in mind we thought we’d take a closer look at this lesser-Ortega clone, Chris Shelton, so that our readers will understand exactly why Twitter opted to suspend his account on their platform.

TrackingTerrorism.org lists the shadowy collective of hackers known as ‘Anonymous’ a domestic terrorist group for good reason. The brutal and war-like values that Anonymous brought to the Internet (“Never Forgive, Never Forget, Expect Us”, etc.) sought to militarize narrow-minded reactionaries, with an aim towards galvanizing their collective misguided hate into real-world acts of terror. And let’s not forget who has been a member of Anonymous, Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri.

Throughout history, hate groups have used propaganda to dehumanize their imagined enemy. By doing this, they seek to trick their followers into believing that their “enemy” deserves to be killed, for they are portrayed in the propaganda as being murderers, rapists, or just plain scum. The result then is that the people are more willing to engage in war against this “enemy” since they have a firm belief that ‘the enemy’ should be out-right eliminated.

Such hate groups used this same sort of mental warfare by attempting to seed false and dehumanizing ideas about Scientologists. And Chris Shelton fell for this line of thinking hook, line and sinker. 

Consider Chris Shelton answering a question about a legal case, and watch as he inserts his ignorant presumptions of this bit of hate propaganda directly into his response:

You know theres a lot of Scientology survivors out there. People got into Scientology for all different kinds of reasons. They come out of Scientology for all different kinds of reasons. And people go to Scientology in all kinds of different mental states, they come out of Scientology in all different kinds of mental states – generally worse than when they came in to one degree or another.”

Indeed, gross assertions like he one above that ‘Scientologists are mentally damaged’ comprised fully a third of his all his answers pertaining to that case. 

The fact that these assertions were completely unrelated to the questions asked did nothing to stop Shelton from making the false claims again and again. 


The answer to that is simple. Because guys like Shelton and Ortega are products of the very same propagandized/militarized mindset hate groups uses to recruit for its domestic terror campaigns. 

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