That Time Ortega Lied To Everyone About Having “Full” Court Documents

Over the past week we’ve been busy poring over full court documents related to the plethora of cases filed against Tony Ortega’s former employers, the sex-trafficking kingpins of the Backpage website.

Wading through legal filings, to say nothing of what it takes to acquire them in full, takes time, effort and thoughtful consideration. Maybe that’s what brought the following episode from Tony Ortega’s ‘professional basement blogging’ career back to mind.

A while ago, in one of his many context-free rage posts, Ortega teased his readers with a story of a trial dealing with Scientology in the state of Oklahoma, promising to make available the ‘full court transcripts’ which he claimed to have at his disposal. He started the post by bating his readers this way:

We knew you’d want to see it. We’ve pulled out the most important passages here, but we’ll also make the full court document available as well.”

Funny thing about the “full court documents” Tony bragged about having. The file he boastfully advertised was missing all of the following:

Pages 3- 18

Pages 39-58

Pages 60-104

Page 118

Pages 122-141

Pages 169-184

Pages 189-190

Pages after 191 to the end.

For all the kooks Tony Ortega pumps for information, the “veracity” of his sources has never seemed like a high priority to him. But the missing pages here all seem to suggest a new level of questionable veracity in his “journalistic sourcing” given that so much of this ‘full document’ is clearly missing!

What gives Tony? Are you trying to manipulate us again?

Or is there some other explanation for these holes in your narrative big enough to drive a car through?

If Tony Ortega were an objective reporter here, he would be providing the full court documents after staking the ‘veracity’ of his story on his ability to publish the full court documents. Then perhaps we would be getting a whole story instead of select cherry picked redactions chosen by Ortega to further his agenda.

You might ask yourself why any honest reporter would do that… Until you remember it’s Tony Ortega we’re talking about.

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