The Boarder Guard and the Backpage Trans Illegal

Just when you think there are no new depths of depravity to plumb, Backpage proves once more there is no bar to low for it to sink.

In a story that reads like the sort of poorly written fiction one might find on Tony Ortega’s crackpot blog, it was reported over the weekend that a U.S. Border Patrol agent was arrested on an outstanding sex trafficking charge this past Friday.

The agent in question, Donato Joel Cantu of Laredo Texas maintains that it was all simply a big misunderstanding when he “lent money” to an illegal immigrant transgender prostitute named Leonel Garcia-Garcia.

Ironically, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers hadn’t looking for Backpage sex offenders when they nabbed their fellow officer. They had been conducting a human smuggling investigation, of the sort common along the Texas border. Little did any of them realize at the time, but their investigation would lead them straight into the dark world of human sex trafficking.

When Border Patrol agents arrested Jocelyn for being in the country illegally, the transexual Backpage “call girl” quickly admitted to being a prostitute who had previously been using Backpage and other social media as a means of ‘self-promotion’.

In the official affidavit submitted to the court states: “Garcia-Garcia stated that on social media, she would refer to her prostitution fee as a ‘donation’ for her time. Garcia-Garcia routinely charged $100 for 30 minutes.”

Analysis of the prostitutes phone records revealed that a cell phone number belonged to Cantu. Cantu had gotten the prostitute’s number from an ad on Backpage.

The affidavit continued, saying: “Cantu denied knowing that Garcia-Garcia was a prostitute and denied ever having sex in exchange for money. Cantu stated that Garcia-Garcia had offered to spend time with him for money. Cantu stated he had lent her money ($70-$80) a long time ago since she needed money.”

In Cantu’s word’s it was all just a simple miscommunication. He had no idea he was paying for sex with an illegal alien transexual prostitute, he thought he was lending money to a new friend… whom just happen to meet on the Backpage sex trafficking site!

Perhaps this will be the line Tony Ortega takes when his number comes up and he’s called before a judge to explain his role as the primary propaganda mouthpiece for the world’s largest sex trafficking ring. ‘It was all just a crazy coincidence… I thought the pimps were giving me donations to convince the idiots who read me that Backpage was a First Amendment hero and anyone who spoke up for sex trafficked children were enemies of America! How could I have known?!’

It certainly wouldn’t be the craziest lie Tony Ortega ever attempted.

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