The Chronic Cheater – Part 1

Tony Ortega married Fatimah Suryono (his second ex-wife), in the fall of 2002.

Fatimah is an immigrant from Jakarta, Indonesia who graduated from the University of Wisconsin in August 2000, where she majored in Communications and Public Relations.  

After graduating, Fatimah moved to California and began working for the New Times in Los Angeles, where she met Tony Ortega. Toward the end of 2009, Fatimah discovered an email where Ortega was having online sex with Lisa Eager.

Lisa Eager was the reason for the breakup with Ortega’s first wife, Tracey Gifford, who divorced Ortega in June 1994. We have been told by Tracey, before she passed away, that her biggest regret was having married Tony. She said that he was a cheater and he would “sleep with any woman”.

Subsequently, Fatimah found more emails and incidents where her husband was having more online sex with several women. By the end of 2010, Fatimah grew increasingly angry and upset because she found more online sex chats and she finally told Ortega that she was done with him.

Tony Ortega likes to hang out with his female “fans club”, especially when he is out of town. 

Meet some of the Ortega’s “fans club” members:



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