The Chronic Sexter

Lisa Eager, Cassie Robar and Madeline Fineman

Fatimah Suryono Ortega, Tony Ortega’s second ex-wife, has told sources that her ex-husband was obsessed with sexting and hitting on females. She told friends that Ortega’s sexual escapades were numerous and she could not bear staying married to him. Fatimah discovered that Tony was having online sex with several women, including and not limited to, Lisa Eager, Cassie Robar and Madeline Fineman. Friends close to Fatimah have said that “Tony has more than one girl in every city”.

Ortega’s first ex-wife, Tracey Gifford (RIP), stated that her biggest regret was having married an unrepentant cheater and that Lisa Eager was one of the many girls Ortega had an affair with while married to her. Gifford said that Lisa used to work for the Federal Public Defenders Office in Phoenix, AZ, and in 2007 she was cited or arrested for DUI.

This photo was provided by one of our sources who happened to see Ortega obsessively typing on his mobile phone. Was he sexting while being out of town?

In the spirit of good journalism we are keeping our sources anonymous because they fear retaliation from Tony Ortega. We have a new explosive story coming up soon.

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