The Complicit Monsters They Are

The phone rang and I jumped up to grab it, thinking it was the police. It was my daughter… Right away I began asking where are you? She responded by saying sorry for everything, mom.

 She was crying, I knew something was not right and became frightened. I told her tell me where you are, or I am calling the cops.

 Her response was one I will never forget: she told me it’s going to be too late, I will likely be dead by then and nobody will find me.”

 Above are the words of a mother of one of the children Backpage worked to traffic in order to profit by selling her for sex online.

We have long seen how Tony Ortega acted as if any opposition to the Backpage underage sex trafficking scheme was outright exaggeration. Tony himself said on the record that Backpage “exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable.”

 We have seen how this is demonstrably false.

Tony Ortega knew full well that the only purpose for which Backpage existed was to sell sexually trafficked young women and children to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Every tawdry excuse, every flimsy justification Tony Ortega offered in Backpage’s defense was nothing more than an act. You can practically feel the old lech Ortega grotesquely winking as he infamously said, ‘What happens when two adults find each other through I couldnt tell you.’

It’s not that you couldn’t tell us Tony Ortega. It’s that you wouldn’t. Unfortunately for you we have first hand accounts, like the one of the distraught mother we’ve been looking at in recent days.

And Backpage survivors like her tell us in their own words exactly what happened:

 I began to cry and told my daughter her words were scaring me and I began to beg her to tell me who she was with and where she was and she told me, ‘It’s Ok mom, please be Ok.’ And that was the end of the conversation.

I called the police and shared what was communicated to me during our conversation and we decided to start trying to find her location by the picture and the information the reflection gave.”

 Time passed and police continued to work on the case, but the grieving mother heard nothing. Only the deafening silence of an empty house until:

 A few days went by and my daughter walked in; she never said a word, just went right into the bathroom to shower. I called the police right away. A special detective asked my daughter if she would come with her to talk.

 It was there that my life had crumbled into a zillion piece.

 I was introduced to a female worker from the human trafficking unit. She took me into a room and shared a site called and she showed me pictures of my daughter in sex ads, in lingerie, in sexual positions and the most haunting look in her eyes.

I can still remember those eyes like it was yesterday.

My heart sank and I felt sick and began to cry uncontrollably. I just kept thinking who could ever do this, who could ever hurt a child like this.

Why would any man buy a girl and do this to her? Why?

Backpage promoters, pro-sex trafficking enthusiasts, and paid shills like Tony Ortega couldn’t tell you why either — which is to say, they could but they absolutely won’t.

Because to do so would expose them for the complicit monsters they are.

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