The Cult of Ortega

Tony Ortega’s online methodology is based upon his drive to divide, create conflict, and capitalize off of the very chaos he has manufactured.

If we have learned anything during our time examining the dark professional history (to say nothing of the twisted personal past) of Tony Ortega it is this — neither Ortega or his slavish followers take well to being exposed for their cult-like behavior.

Take a look at how Tony Ortega indoctrinates the online troll brigade who frequent his blog and Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize that Tony Ortega is cribbing heavily from the cultist playbook.

The first step of this playbook is to require followers to internalize Tony’s doctrine as unchallenged truth. How often do we see Tony Ortega banning anyone who refuses to accept his understanding of reality from participating in his comment section? The answer: all the time.

For Ortega the rule is simple — either adopt the map of reality he force feeds you, accepting it unquestioningly, or find yourself excommunicated from his presence and barred from any further possibility for discussion.

Indeed, personal growth is certainly not encouraged in the cult of Ortega. Nuanced understanding, critical thinking, even (ironically for a base atheist like Tony!) skepticism itself is discouraged.

And why shouldn’t it be? After all, in the cult of Ortega it’s not the pursuit of truth which matters. All that matters to cult leader Tony Ortega is how thoroughly he can install his own black and white thinking into the heads of his misguided followers.

Tony Ortega wants you to believe in the moronically simplistic choice he holds before his readers, namely the poisonous dichotomy of ‘us vs. them’ we wrote about yesterday.

He wants you to see the world the way he sees the world, remember. He wants to organize your understanding of complex realities into easily understood categories (insiders vs. outsiders; good vs. evil; the savvy vs. the suckers).

Tony Ortega does this because he knows the moment you buy into his categories he can begin to manipulate the way you think about their definitions and in so doing, alter your understanding of reality by substituting it with his own.

And it is this precisely this substitutionary manipulation that makes the cult of Ortega what it is.

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