The Cult of Tony Ortega

Few clearheaded people would argue with the claim that Tony Ortega is a harmful, divisive force in a nation on the brink of fractioning.

Slob-like basement bloggers like Tony Ortega frequently focus on their obsessions and, being blind to all else, pump out story after story they claim supports the narrative they are working to sell to their gullible readers.

In Tony Ortega’s case that narrative is painfully simplistic: I am the only one expert enough, connected enough, and brave enough to tell you the truth about the things I don’t like.

The views he expresses, however, always seem to have all the journalistic maturity of a jilted junior high ex-girlfriend. Jealousy, obsession, and unfocused, irrational hate are the principal defining characteristics of nearly every piece of propaganda Tony Ortega publishes.

This assessment is virtually impossible to refute. However there’s one description we’d like to add that isn’t often used, and may be the most important consideration when evaluating Tony Ortega’s bogus crusade. It’s dangerous. That’s something we here at the blog don’t think gets said often enough. Especially in times like these where it seems we are living in a societal powder keg.

Of course, it’s not Tony Ortega alone who poses a threat. He himself is little more than a failed tabloid writer who can’t hold a steady job. Instead, it’s the core group of narrow-minded followers who are convinced that no matter to what extreme they go, they’re doing good if they swallow and follow Tony Ortega’s propaganda.

This slob army of Tony Ortega look-alike drones is constantly drilled and indoctrinated with his twisted lies. He stokes the fires of division in the hopes that others will strike out on his behalf, and we have seen in the past how this has led to violent altercations.

Given the sheer amount of propaganda Tony Ortega shovels like coals into the furnace of rage he’s created it is only a matter of time until something like this happens again.

Unless and until we take a stand against Tony Ortega’s hate-generating propaganda we are all on a countdown awaiting the moment some unhinged follower of the Cult of Ortega steps over the line once more.

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