The Dark Art of Deflection

Deflection is a term often used by those who see Tony Ortega’s blog and Twitter feed for what they really are. It describes a method by which unscrupulous social media users attempt to a manipulate their audiences by twisting ideas an especially perverse or abnormal ways in order to prejudice their judgement against specific targets.

Recently we examined a Tweet by Tony Ortega, who traffics in what can best be described as a persistent, sociopathic deflection.

Examples of this behavior by Tony abound and we’ve attempted to shine a light on Ortega’s repeated use of these dark arts of manipulation on this blog. So far this year we’ve successfully demonstrated:

    • Tony Ortega freely accuses those he disagrees with of being bigots, while deflecting from his own deeply bigoted prejudices.

    • Tony Ortega maligns and slanders the reputations he accuses of cruel self-interest through weaponized hate speech to further his own cruel self-interests.

    • Tony Ortega routinely calls people liars, when he himself wouldn’t know the truth if it punched him in the face.

These patterns of deflection appear to be so ingrained in Tony Ortega’s posting history that to make an exhaustive study would take decidedly more effort than it would be worth. Suffice it to say, we would all be well served if Twitter opted to identify Ortega’s posts ‘deceitfully deflective’ as a service to the public.

With all the news recently of malicious actors seeking to undermine truth and deflect from more pressing issues like the the alarming rise of hatred and intolerance, might we suggest considering amending the following tag to Tony Ortega’s blog posts in 2019?

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