The Downfall of Backpage: Coming to a TV Near You

It’s not often we follow entertainment news here on the blog but today something came across the transom that we just couldn’t ignore.

Last year Christine Biederman, who spends her time as a lawyer and part time investigative reporter based out of Dallas, Texas, wrote an incredibly damning exposé on the Backpage empire and the story of its (still-unfolding) child sex trafficking trial.

The piece sent shockwaves through the journalism world not just for its succinct 10,000 foot view of the entire sordid affair, but also for the incredible access she was granted to the two criminal masterminds (if one can use that word) behind the scheme, Michael Lacey and James Larkin.

Tackling the story of “the world’s largest portal for sex on the Internet” and how it virtually drove the global sex trafficking market during the years it was in operation was surely no easy task. (And we should know, as we’ve been covering this disgusting scandal and its shocking cast of characters from the early days.)

Though Christine Biederman is currently working on a book on further exposing the varying frauds and misdeeds of Backpage , today we received word that Condé Nast’s Wired Studio has begun development  on a scripted series a scripted series based on her 2019 Wired Magazine article.

Known only as “The Untitled Project,” our sources are saying that the series will deal with’s battle with the U.S. government and how its fate could shape the future of Silicon Valley.

Anthony Ragnone is adapting the script and Lady Moon Entertainment’s Bryan O’Connell is attached as an executive producer.

As of yet no word who will be playing the role of rabid, propaganda shill Tony Ortega whose infamous attacks on the press on behalf of this Backpage masters we have been paying special attention to.

Someone tell central casting to keep their eyes open for a Joseph Goebbels/Bagdad Bob type with an arrogant, self-satisfied grin, vacant weasel eyes and a triple chin.

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