The Emperor With No Clothes

It’s not often, but once every blue moon Tony Ortega’s delivers a laugh despite his best attempts to engender feelings decidedly less lighthearted.

It’s a well-known fact for those seeking to avoid fake news that if you’re looking for truth in journalism, you will find it in short supply on Tony Ortega’s blog and/or his distressingly inaccurate Twitter feed. Sometimes, however, the truth slips out in the most unexpected ways. As is in the case in a couple of recent tweets Tony tellingly posted consecutively.

We’ve commented at length on the shady journalistic practices, unethical behavior and all-round bullying, tough-guy know-it-all persona Tony Ortega has cultivated of the years in his attempt to masquerade as an authority on a subject he knows precious little about.

Tony Ortega was never in Scientology, and yet he would have his readers believe he posses ‘insider knowledge’ of what it is actually like to be a Scientologist. Even his own readers routinely call him out for inflating his credentials on his own blog. Ortega stubbornly refuses to explain exactly why anyone should ascribe even the slightest credibility to his agenda-driven conspiracy theories, opting instead to flaunt his ignorance hoping his audience won’t see past the illusion. Like the old story of the emperor without clothes, however, Tony Ortega is living a lie. A lie he knows to be an invention of his ego.

Maybe that’s what made the following so amusing to those of us who see beyond the façade to who Tony Ortega really is.

To give the devil his due, Tony truthfully (for once!) comes clean that he has zero first hand evidence of Scientology. “I’m just a journalist” he maintains, despite all evidence to the contrary. But in the next breath it seems that the joke is even too ridiculous for Tony who immediately undercuts his own claim with a sarcastic admission that he’s nothing more than a naked emperor.

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