The Facts Speak for Themselves

In last week’s article we saw Tony Ortega up to his old tricks, attempting to spin the numerous critiques Backpage was receiving for its widespread sex trafficking as the work of “feminists, religious zealots, and bureaucrats”.

It’s clear in Tony Ortega’s desperate editorial that he knows he’s cornered. The only defense he knows how to make is to attempt to bully those he sees him for what he truly is. And so he flails about, firing off gross mischaracterizations (another Ortega hallmark!) in the hopes of casting Backpage, and by extension himself, as the real victims in all this.

Ortega continues he’s screed against the concerned masses hungry for justice by obliquely comparing them to terrorists willing to spend any amount to curtail Backpage’s so-called “free speech”. He writes: “Those same numbers had already inspired terrified politicians, who let loose hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade to prohibitionists bent on ending the world’s oldest profession.”

See the subtle framing a cut-rate apologist like Ortega employs? “Prohibitionists”. As if to suggest people working to end child sex trafficking for profit by the evil corporations like the ones Tony Ortega shills for are somehow cut of the same cloth as moralizing tea-totalers. The mere suggestion is as preposterous as it is appalling.

Ortega continues his insane rant swearing up and down that “the facts speak for themselves”. The beginning of (in Ortega’s words) the “beat-down” given to online sex trafficking “was absurdist theater”, he claims. As he ridiculously asserts that by going after online child sex trafficking, the First Amendment was shouted down in the name of children.

If Tony Ortega defines the First Amendment as his right to defend sexual abuse of kids as young as 8 years old in order to fill the bank accounts of his predatory bosses then such an abomination surely must be shouted down.

Ortega is an out-of-work propagandist hack who defends selling children to be raped by online predators. The facts speak for themselves.

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