The Hater’s Whipping Boy

A whipping boy or girl was, supposedly, a child educated alongside a prince (or boy monarch) in early modern Europe, who received corporal punishment for the prince’s transgressions in his presence. Instead of the prince being punished, the beating was reserved for one appointed to receive the blows instead.

In more modern times the phrase has taken on a more metaphoric understanding. Tony Ortega often uses Scientology as his ‘whipping boy’, through his continual attempts to heap punishment on it instead of himself. If all one had to go by was Ortega’s claims, it would seem as if all the wrong in the world is Scientology’s doing.

A few days ago, in a classic example of this ‘whipping boy’ mentality, Lawrence Wright took to Twitter complaining that a perceived “hacker” had taken over an email address with his name. He writes:

Lawrence Wright tweet

You can guess who’s behind it,” he urges his readers because that’s how this game works. The logic runs like this: ‘This thing happened and we all know why bad things happen. Circle the wagons!’

It is this sort of hysterical paranoia which is so prevalent among prejudiced and biased individuals like Tony Ortega, Wright and Paul Haggis. Perhaps especially so with Haggis, whose defense at the moment against the numerous allegations of rape he is impotently trying to gainsay amounts to nothing more than an ‘it’s all a Scientology conspiracy!’ defense.

Good luck with that, Paul Haggis. Let’s see if the Courts believe that over the credible claims of multiple women. At the end of the day it will be you who is answerable for your crimes, no one else.

We are challenging Lawrence Wright to provide evidence of his allegation. As it stands, either he did it for publicity or some of his fake sources did it.

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