The “Honorary” Cyber-Terrorist

Tony Ortega’s connections with the cyber-terrorist outfit Anonymous have been widely observed. There have been numerous attacks made by the group for which Tony Ortega has had nothing most effusive praise.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the more vile attacks and consider Tony Ortega’s response.

Dressed only in his underwear, his body coated with a disgusting gloss of Vaseline and pubic hair, Mahmoud Almahadin ran headlong into a Scientology building in New York with a bigoted desire to wreak havoc. Immediately the assailant began smearing the goo and filth over books, walls, video screens- anything he could get his dirty hands on. Almahadin was arrested in short order and convicted of malicious mischief. 

Authorities at the time of arrest described the incident as a classic example of a hate crime. But to Tony Ortega? In his twisted view it was nothing more than a “stupid prank.” Harmless fun! Kids will be kids! What’s a little biological waste vandalism between friends, right?

Where the rest of the world sees agents of chaos, bigots and online terrorists, Tony Ortega sees nothing but folk heroes to be lauded and immortalized within the fantastical posts of fiction-base blog. Will it come as any surprise to learn that on his blog he describes anniversaries of their most vicious efforts to instigate hatred as amusing moments of “nostalgia”? Of course it wouldn’t. Tony Ortega’s low-brow, homemade blog is as predictable as it is pathetic.

Ortega writes: “The protests were not only happening all over the place, but the protesters themselves were very clever, looking for creative ways to disrupt Scientology’s usual ways of doing things.”

In other words, according to Tony Ortega hate crimes, threats of assassination threats, bombing, murder, vandalism and violence are acceptable as long as they are directed at Scientologists or the Muslim, Silverstein’s most hated religion. Or whomever else Ortega feels might be deserving of his impotent wrath that day.

Tony Ortega has many times joined masked Anonymous members in their hate gatherings, even attending their private parties as an “honored guest.”

At a backyard barbecue in July 2012, a handful of Anonymous members presented Ortega with a special “award of recognition” for his year of fomenting outrage with an aim toward targeting Scientology and its members.

An “award of recognition” presented by a known cyber-terrorist group, served up as Tony Ortega fisted whole hotdogs down his gullet. If that’s not an image that exhaustively sums up Tony Ortega, we don’t know what is.


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